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80 Days Until Opening Day

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Counting Down to Opening Day, We Are Counting Down The 100 Walkoff Homers in Angels History. The 80th Walk OFf Home Run was served up to Troy Glaus by Tigers reliever Fernando Rodney!

Before he blew games for us, he was blowing games and helping us...
Before he blew games for us, he was blowing games and helping us...
Dilip Vishwanat

Opening Day (April 1, 2013) is 80 days away. We are counting down the 100 Walk Off Home Runs in Angels franchise history. Today we look at #80...

May 8, 2002 - Garret Anderson hit two walk off home runs for the Angels in his career, but on this night he hit a solo home run to make the game 1-0. Bengie Molina never hit a walk off home run for the Angels but he singled home Troy Glaus in the bottom of the seventh inning to make it a 2-2 ballgame. Troy Percival gave up his fair share of walk off homers in his time but he struck out the side in the ninth and was pitcher of record when Troy Glaus worked a full count off of young Tigers reliever Fernando Rodney.

The seventh pitch of the at bat meant a lot things. It would become the sixth home run of the season for Troy Glaus. It would be his second of three WOHR for the team. It was the 125th HR of his career. That pitch would give Tory Percival his first win of the season and 24th of his career. It would be the second loss in the career of Fernando Rodney - in the second game he ever appeared in in the major leagues.

But when the ball had sailed over the wall and Glaus touched the plate after touching each base, that seventh pitch had put the 2002 Angels at .500 - They were now 16-16 after starting the season 6-14. They would never be at .500 again that year. This could have been the most important pitch of the season. Did you catch it?