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Finalized Angels 2013 Projections

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Everything's here! I made spreadsheets with screengrabs of all projections! Some needed tinkering, some had incorrect math I had to go over, but the projections are finished, finalized and DONE, ready for the viewing public.

Jeff Gross

The first series of projections I did for this coming season was definitely a lot of fun to do. Throughout the five posts I did, I received some suggestions and some critiques, some questions as well as to how I derived some projections.

Some players, such as Joe Blanton, had math done incorrectly that I had to go over, plus some adjustments and weights I forgot to add in. Thus, Joe Blanton's projected 2012 ERA is no longer 3.70. You'll see his new numbers in the first screengrab below. Other players, such as Josh Hamilton, had their math done correctly, but the numbers were obtained far too simplistically for players with larger histories. So for guys like Hambone, I weighted the first numbers I projected against other lines of stats, such as career averages, neutralized career numbers and park-adjusted simulations to derive a more accurate reading.

I did, however, receive one more suggestion, which I'll describe after this first screengrab:


The other suggestion I received, which I was happy to implement, was this: What about the stats of some guys that may make the roster, but I didn't include?

This, I realized, was a completely fair question to pose, and so, I proceeded to project the numbers of several other players, be they members of the 40-man roster or non-roster invitees (NOTE: I did not project ALL of the spring training invites; guys like A.J. Schugel, Kevin Johnson and Taylor Lindsey are not going to make the roster. I projected players who either were September callups, added to the 40-man before the Rule V draft, or are former major leaguers on non-guaranteed deals).

If you're interested, here are THEIR stats (I assume you'll all be somewhat pleasantly surprised by the showing of one J.B. Shuck):


That concludes this projection season (at least for the relative time being)! This was very fun for me to do, and I'm sure it was at least SLIGHTLY fun to read and follow. Comment your thoughts, commence the discussion!