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Bookmark This Page: Baseball Links For Your Every Day Life

During the 2012 Friday/Weekend Halolinks postings, I offered up 100 Great Places To Visit While Touring the Internet of Baseball. Here, in the middle of a cold winter weekend, I am pulling most of them back into one place for your bookmarking convenience, and adding links to the obvious sites. So do it. Bookmark this page. Then come back often and explore.

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

Add your fave's in the comments, and I will pull them up into the Master List!

The Basics (You know, the places you link TO, not places you link FROM)

Major League Baseball (Depending upon one's point of view, either your Oz or your Barad-dûr.)

Minor League Baseball (Like pretty much every Star Trek motion picture, we do time travel. And jump to the future.)

Baseball Reference (Where to go find all the data....)

FanGraphs (...and what can be done with that data once it has been found...)

Baseball Think Factory (...and where such data goes to be read by us mere mortals.)

The Hardball Times (Our online Baseball News Daily.)

Major League Baseball Trade Rumors (THE primary central clearinghouse for the latest gossip.)

RotoWorld (News, rumors and fantasy baseball insight.)

Baseball Prospectus (Gotta register to win.)

Cot's Baseball Contracts (Where to go to keep up with everybdy's paycheck.)

Audio Game Streams (Stop your whining, and listen up! If it's out there, these guys find it for you legitimately.)

Spring Training

Spring Training Tips (Get the inside scoop for your 2013 plans from the pros!)

Spring Training Yearbook (This still has the 2012 data, but keep it bookmarked for next March.)

Spring Training Online (Everything you need to know about getting started next season!)

Baseball Parks

Ballpark Tour (A great survey, with photos, of all the ballparks in American, past and present.)

The History of Wrigley Field, Los Angeles (Birthplace of the LA Angels of Anaheim)

The Battle For Chavez Ravine (Video, with audio. A six minute introduction to the epic story behind how Los Angeles obtained the land for Dodger Stadium.)

Ballparks Online (Not to be confused with Ballpark Tours that I offered up on 6/29/2012)

Rickwood Field (Dedicated to the very, very, very oldest ballpark in America)

Modern Era Baseball (Planning a road trip to a ballpark not in your area? This site is for you!)

Baseball Pilgrimages (Baseball Travel Guides and Team Stores)

History & Organizations

Negro League Baseball History (You probably didn't know that baseball started out racially integrated.)

The Black Sox Scandal (We all know the summary, but too few of us know the details.)

The Baseball Reliquary (Where the weird relics of baseball shall live forever)

Baseball Rankopedia (Fan voting to define the top accomplishments in baseball throughout history)

National Women's Baseball Hall Of Fame (Interesting browsing for our lady folk)

Negro League Players Association (You think Trumbo can belt them far? Check out Josh Gibson!!)

Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame (A charming place to spend hours reflecting on the dearth of Halo memories in the national psyche.)

Library Of Congress, American Memory Project: Early Baseball Pictures, 1860's to 1920's (Exactly what the title suggests.)

Encyclopedia of Baseball Catchers (Absolutely EVERYTHING about...yeah...catchers!)

Stats World

"The Father Of Baseball" (Not everything at is about players and teams. This is a great place to start learning about the birth of stats. Yes, they go back a long, long way!)

The Most Amazing Multi-Dimensional Baseball Strike Zone. (Everything you always suspected about the vagaries of subjective authority are true!)

A Survey of the history of stats (Leading up how the A's began to use OBP, and then hired Billy Beane and taught OBP to him.)

Hit Tracker (A fun place to chart out Mark Trumbo! Sorry that ESPN has purchased the site, but it is what it is...)

The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination With Statistics (recommended reading)

Hall of wWar (The Hall Of Fame RE-populated by Weighted WAR)

The Baseball Cube (Stathead Paradise)

BBR Top WAR Seasons Of All Time (Mike Trout already makes the list)

Greatest Non-Pitching Seasons ( breaks down the best of the best, pre-Trouty)

MLB Network's Top 9 Hitting Seasons (Well, Top 8 anyway. #3 should be taken with grain of salt)

The 50 Most Dominant Offensive Seasons (One guy's opinion, but he did all the work so you don't have to.)

Charts & Graphs

A Graphical History of Baseball (Charting the production, as trends over time)

Visual Baseball (Not highly current, but an interesting take on the use of new visuals for baseball stats.)

The Baseball Race (Head to head seasons in the recent past, played out like a track meet!)

Flip Flop Fly Ball (Anybody who fails to click this link and browse must surrender their Internet User Badge for the weekend)

Creating Baseball Graphics (Learn to create your own baseball graphics)

RIOT Baseball Season Tracking (A computational "magic number" for the baseball playoff race, which started in UC-Berkeley's Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department and has since moved to SMU.)

Business & Finance

The Business Of Baseball. (All about the functions of the business side of the sport.)

Baseball For Business. (The flip side to number 2 above, Lessons of baseball for modern business management.)

Field Of Schemes (Very current site with data and conversations concerning public financing of sports complexes)

Buy Athletes (What's Happening Financially in our Sports World)

Beyond Our Borders. International Baseball

The History of Olympic Baseball (NOTE: this article begins with the 1912 Olympics. In 1904 an exhibition game was scheduled, but its hard to document that the game was actually played.)

1936 Olympic Baseball (More in-depth look at Hitler's Berlin Games that featured an exhibition match in front of ~100,000 fans. BONUS: Read a little more about Hitler and baseball here.)

Everybody Clamoring for Olympic Baseball - Pick One: ESPN, Toronto Sun, CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports, NBC Sports, SF Chronicle, even TulsaWorld gets in on the act!

Individual USA Olympic Baseball Records (This covers official games only, not exhibitions.)

Where Are They Now? (A somewhat dated review of top Olympic Baseball Players and what happened to them)

Region: Europe (From Great Britain to Greece, Portugal to Poland, and everything in between.)

Region: Latin America (In Spanish, of course...but whattaya gonna do?)

Region: Oceana (Guam, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand)

Region: Africa ("Baseball is a growing sports in Africa with lots of potentialities.")

By Country ( See how your ancestors are following in your footsteps!)

Characters & Champions

The Gashouse Gang (8 minute video documentary intro to one of the great stories of baseball. And some of the factoids are beyond belief!!!)

The Lyman Bostock Story, Part 1 and Part 2 (13 minutes of video, reminding us all to enjoy greatness while we have it.)

Biography of Emmett Ashford (Long before Leslie Nielsen, baseball really did have quite a character behind the plate. And art never did really imitate this man's life.)

The Greatest Team in the History of Minor League Baseball (Make sure to read about the post-season, and how the league decided to try and deal with the juggernaut!)

Buy Stuff

Ebbets Field Flannels (Vintage and throwback uniforms.)

Seat Geek (One very cool way to track down tickets to just about anything, baseball and beyond.)

Game Used Bats (who really pays $3000 for a piece of wood carried around by Pujols?)

Baseball Fine Art dot Com (Baseball Photography as Fine Art, where Don Marquess makes a run at bad puns)

A Cheater's Guide To Baseball (With some especially fine stats proving that PEDS do improve hitting)

Vintage Baseball Factory (19th Century Uniforms & Equipment)


How-To From the 60's/70's (Frame-by-frame technical example stills of some of the greats)

Albert Pujols Swing Analysis (A frame-by-frame look at Albert's typical swing)

Hitting Demonstrations (A look at breaking down hitting technique)

How To Throw A Slider (A look at breaking down pitching technique)

How to Play the Field (A look at breaking down fielding techniques, and drills, from the pros)

Baseball Swing Analysis (an iPod, iPhone, iPad swing recorder and analyzer for all us common-folk to use)

The Weird & Wacky

Sullivan's Sluggers (Baseball Horror Graphic Novel)

Crazy Japanese Pitch (And we think OUR umpires are bad?!?)

Crazy Japanese Spiderman Catch (And we think OUR Center Fielder is an awesome defender?!?)

Crazy Japanese Human Pinball (And we thought OUR infield drills were state of the art?!?)

Crazy Japanese Superhero Baseball (And we thought the Gyro-ball was special?!?)

Crazy Japanese Baseball Trick Shot (And I thought Pee Wee Reese the Fungo Master?!?)

The Top 5 Wacky Baseball Video Games (You wanted robots? You got robots!)

A Review of The Weirdest Baseball Cards (You land back on EastSpiN, but this clickage is a risky game!)

Cook Like a Pro...Baseball Player (Including Albert Pujols' favorite chicken dish)

Baseball Criminals (So much for 'role models')

10 Quirky Baseball Rules & Oddities (including all 23 ways to get get to first base)

One Quirky Coincidence (Who is the best left-handed MLB player ever born on 11/21 in Donora, PA.?)

7 Acts of Odd Splits (Fantasy baseball guys pay attention to the weirdest stuff.)

Oddball Baseball Cards (3 Parts, for any of you who collect baseball cards.)

Recent Minor League Oddities (Including an at-bat that lasted 32 minutes!)

The Onion Sports Network. (Sure, everybody has heard about The Onion, but not enough people actually click over and get lost there.)

Stuff For Cold, Winter Nights

Deadspin Exerpt from "Twilight Of The Elites" (An introduction to a treatise showing how we can see the failures of Bud Selig and Major League Baseball mirror our world at large. Fair warning: the publication itself can be seen as highly political for many readers.)

The Baseball Guru (This site is loaded with hours of material, and the author takes questions)

SportTurf Magazine (I park you right at the beginning of a section that reveals the effort behind mowing patterns on the field. But don't be shy, turn the pages in both directions and learn a lot!!)

The Nevada Dusters (For fantasy league geeks, the history of a mythical franchise that includes Jim Fregosi.)

Vintage Base Ball Association (You, too can be a player of the game of base ball.)

Uni-Watch. (This entire site is loaded with amazement - such as Astros ground crew once wore space suits! - but this particular entry is especially topical, don't you think?)

Baseball Quote Of The Day (Where To Get Lost Trying To Understand Yogi Berra)

Joe Posnanski (One of the longest running baseball bloggers around, also an MSM dude.)

Baseball Musings (David Pinto, kicked off EastSPiN in 2001, blogmaster ever since.)