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Monday Halolinks: Phillies May Be Interested In Vernon Wells, 250 HR For Halos?

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The Phillies need a veteran outfielder, the Angels have Vernon Wells available, but would Wells miss out on the Angels quest for 250 home runs in 2013?

Mike Stobe

I've got an extra three days off from work, so that means an extra edition of Halolinks:

  • I have mixed feelings about this: Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. searching for veteran corner outfielder - ""We've had several talks with free agents, although they're limited now," Amaro said Friday. "We've also talked about some possible trades. We're staying active as far as that is concerned." The Phillies have been pursuing free-agent outfielder Scott Hairston and Angels outfielder Vernon Wells." I've gotten used to the idea of Wells being the Angels' fourth outfielder. Sure the cost is obscene, and I'm aware of the concept of sunk costs, but to deal him just because he has a huge salary would be foolish. Especially if the club will have to pay for most of his contract. A couple other things to consider are; would Wells accept a trade (he has a no-trade clause), and who would replace him on the roster?
  • Mark Trumbo could make the Angels' offense special - "If Trumbo reverts to that first-half form, this lineup -- which scored the third-most runs in the Junior Circuit without Hamilton -- can possibly be the best in all of baseball." Imagine the 3-4-5 of Pujols, Hamilton, and Trumbo being capable of hitting 100 home runs. And then add in Trout getting on base almost 40% of the time in front of them (not to mention his ability to add 30+ homers himself). Yes, this season is going to be fun. Very fun.
  • I was at the store this weekend and walked through the magazine section. There were three baseball magazines already out, and all three featured a certain Angel:2013-01-06_12-36-38_880_medium
  • Oh, and here's another Mike Trout wallpaper I made:O1090770_medium
  • I can see this going one of two ways: Lance Berkman pledges to win over Texas Rangers' fan base - ESPN Dallas. "Berkman, who turns 37 next month, is scheduled to undergo his physical on Monday after agreeing to a contract that would pay him $10 million in 2013, sources confirmed. The deal includes a vesting option for a second year should Berkman reach 550 plate appearances. There's a $1 million buyout on the option year as well. " Either Berkman stays healthy and hits the shit out of the ball, or he limps through the season and the Rangers waste $10 million.
  • CJ Wilson's Zombie-Proof Mazda CX-5 - "In creating this custom CX-5, Wilson asked one simple question: "what if we really did need to run and not look back?" Sort of like if your elbow cleaning out doesn't help you improve on last season's second-half numbers? Just kidding (no I'm not), but it is a cool ride: 06-cj-wilson-mazda-cx-5-zombie1_medium
  • So Darren, how much is hanging out with your family worth to you? Blue Jays reliever Darren Oliver is seeking a raise or a trade to the Rangers - ""The facts are the facts," Oliver's agent Jeff Frye said on Thursday. "We're waiting on the Blue Jays to pay him what he deserves. If not, we have asked them to trade him to Texas if the Rangers are interested. "If not he'll ride off into the sunset after a great 19-year career and enjoy his family." The value Oliver puts on his time with his family is somewhere over $3 million.
  • Speaking of family, I found this while doing my son's laundry. Obviously it was supplied by his mother while he was at her house, and now I'm wondering if this is grounds for child protective services to step in.
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy last week's link to Posnanski's HOF post, here's his ballot: See which HOF candidates got our "yes" votes. - : Joe Posnanski Article