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Thursday Haloliks: The Sosh abides, mark it a zero

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I suppose it's time to focus on what's next for the Halos now that the management situation is mostly determined.

"Sit next to me and whisper in my ear."
"Sit next to me and whisper in my ear."
Stephen Dunn

I don't know, getting rid of Picciolo might have been the wrong decision.  That guy really tied the room together, did he not?  Anyway, here are some Halolinks:

  • Ugh.  I hate it when I agree with an idiot: Simers: Angels' twist the real mystery - The Orange County Register.  "Fletcher wrote: “Dipoto said the Angels are going to ‘inject a different personality and invite new information that wasn’t available before.’” He also said the Angels “feel a different voice can be helpful.” Then Fletcher reports that Picciolo will be replaced by third-base coach Dino Ebel. This is the different personality and new information that wasn’t available before? Ebel has been a coach with the team for eight years and no one was listening to him? Did he just develop a new personality? I’m sure Ebel is a great guy, but did he know what it would take to make the Angels successful the past eight years and keep it secret?"  Sorry, I shouldn't be so rude to call anyone an idiot, but Simers has built the reputation of being "that guy".  However, sometimes "that guy" is right, which is how I feel this morning after reading his latest article, and it makes me feel icky.
  • This really has nothing to do with the Angel, but I thought it was interesting.  The Red Sox were pretty bad in 2012, but after making a couple of deals, signing the right free agents, and getting rid of their manager, they had the best record in the A.L.  Of course, the course the Red Sox took isn't close to what the Angels can or will do, as they don't have a way to get large contracts off the books, or the money to go out and get players...the right players to get them back into the post season.  Looking back at blockbuster trade between LCS-bound Dodgers and Red Sox -  "The players the Red Sox received in return — Rubby De La Rosa, Ivan De Jesus, James Loney, Jerry Sands and Allen Webster — made little direct impact on the 2013 team; in fact, De Jesus, Loney and Sands were gone from the organization before the season started. Instead Boston filled the spots of the departed players with lower-cost free agents such as Ryan Dempster, Jonny Gomes, Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino. As a result, not only did the team cut its Opening Day payroll from $175.2 million in 2012 to $154.6 million this year, but those signing by and large paid off handsomely as the Sox won an AL-high 97 games and claimed the AL East flag for the first time since 2007."
  • Last off-season the Rays dealt James Shields for the same reason many feel they'll trade David Price.  All it took to land Shields was one of the best minor league prospects (Wil Myers), so it's safe to assume the Angels don't have what it'll take to acquire Price: Rays' David Price expects to be traded this offseason -  "Price isn't eligible for free agency until after the 2015 season, but, as a former super-two player, he's already entering his third season of arbitration eligibility. As such, he's likely becoming a bit pricey for the small-market, tight-budget Rays."
  • However, there might be a way to get creative if the Halo front office is interested:  Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero seeking four year deal - MLB Daily Dish.  "Heyman says the Dodgers, Giants, Rangers, Red Sox and Red are interested in the services of the 26-year old. Guerrero and the Dodgers were close to agreement on a five-year deal for $32M, but the deal fell apart for unknown reasons. At the time, Guerrero also changed his representation to Scott Boras. He is now looking for a better deal than the one that he received from the Dodgers."  If the Angels are going to be run like they're Moreno's own high-stakes fantasy team, they may as well go out and get Guerrero and send Howie Kendrick packing.  Kendrick is two years older and owed almost $19M over the next two seasons.  The Angels can save a few million, and get a bit younger with this move.
  • This is funny.  Can you picture Rodney reading this and saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Dude, STFU, I never said I'd take less money!"  There goes his bargaining power.  Teammates Peralta, Lobaton want Rodney back in '14 -  "He's one of the best as a pitcher, one of the best as teammates. We've got a great relationship, and I'm really hoping that he's back." Peralta noted that Rodney would be willing to "sacrifice maybe some money to come back." "We already talked about it," Peralta said."
  • Here's something to occupy your time: Jonah Keri's baseball Grantland Dictionary - Grantland.  "Dirty Fuentes (exp.) — term coined by ESPN Fantasy Focus hosts Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz that describes a save in which the reliever of record allowed multiple baserunners and/or earned runs. Named after notoriously shaky former MLB closer Brian Fuentes."