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I Loathe Big Papi and The Fans To Whom He Brings Joy

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Sunday night was truly a buzzkill.

Al Bello

I gotta be honest here, and this is nothing I am proud about, perhaps it reveals the low level of vicarious connection to which I have sunk but anyway, that Big Papi grand slam ruined my night and I am not even a Tigers fan, really, I just loathe the Red Sox and especially David Ortiz, to see those fans enjoy an epic, historic comeback has actually sickened me. Their indelible high has sickened me. I just want to go to bed I am so sickened.

This started off as a FaceBook post but now it has really gotten under my skin.

Sure, my detesting of Boston was born 27 years and one day ago with the Dave Henderson home run off of Donnie Moore; but tonight's feeling had more to do with the national glamor this midling franchise has usurped than it does with anything involving just the Angels. And it was magnified, amplified and everything but crucified Sunday night.

And I am sure if I met the guy it would be like wow I shook Big Papi's hand and I would probably go dumb-speechless like we all get around the guys who have played MLB. So it isn't my team as I have kind of put the hopes for them on the shelf, frankly, and it is nothing personal, the guy's gotta make a living.

But what that guy represents is everything I want to see forced to sit in misery so abject that it cannot even be celebrated as that of the underdog. I want the lore of their franchise to be so typical that the only emotions that can be possibly rendered out of that fan base is a sullen dispossession of purpose.

I am sickened. That is all.