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Tuesday Halolinks: Troy Percival wants a job, Torii Hunter wants a hug

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Former Angels great Troy Percival wants a coaching job, while Torii Hunter doesn't think the cop did his job.

Nice shirt.
Nice shirt.
Stephen Dunn

Are we at the part of the off season where the Angels are the defending champs yet?  No?  Oh.  Well, here's some Halolinks:

  • Here are a couple of pieces who might fit into the pitching staff puzzle for next season: Yoon to try out for MLB teams - MLB Daily Dish.  "Korean star pitcher Suk-Min Yoon has let teams know that he will soon travel to Los Angeles to tryout for MLB clubs, writes the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo. A client of Scott Boras, the 27 year old right-hander would not require a posting fee as he is technically a free agent."  And, Free Agent Profile: Josh Johnson -  "Expected Contract A one-year deal free of options is in the cards for Johnson, as he aims to rebuild value with a healthy 2014.  The gold standard contract for a pitcher coming off an injury is the one-year, $10MM deal Ben Sheets signed with the Athletics after missing all of 2009.  Though that contract is almost four years old, I see it as the ceiling for Johnson.  Ultimately, I predict a one-year, $8MM deal, with significant incentives in the $4-6MM range."  I'm not endorsing either player, just pointing out some options.
  • Wouldn't it be kind of cool to see a Percival mound visit where he grabs one of the Angels mediocre middle relievers by the front of the jersey and tells him, in a voice just above a whisper, to "throw some goddam strikes".  Percival Hopes To Return To MLB In Coaching Role -  "It's been four years since Troy Percival threw a Major League pitch, and while he's comfortable with the fact that he won't do so again, he's itching to return to Major League Baseball. Percival's agent, Paul Cohen of TWC Sports, tells MLBTR that his client is interested in returning to the bigs in a coaching capacity, with an eye on eventually finding his way into a managerial role"
  • Did you know the Arizona Fall league is going on right now.  Yeah, like, right now.  Solar Sox capitalize on errors to win fourth straight -  "Lindsey, the Angels' No. 3 prospect, punctuated the third-inning rally with a three-run home run off right-hander Vidal Nuno. Lindsey said he was looking for a pitch up in the zone he could drive. "He threw me a pitch inside and I hit it on the barrel and it happened to go out," Lindsey said. "It was awesome to do for the team and to help us win."  It's good to see he's got his postgame interview cliches in mid-season form.  By the way, here's a list of the Angels top rookies: 2013 Prospect Watch -
  • Can't these guys settle their dispute with a ruler?  Jack Clark's Lawyer Responds To Albert Pujols's Lawsuit With Pizazz.  "Having had his fun, Watkins finally gets down to brass tacks and floats his settlement offer He suggests that both Pujols and Clark settle the matter by submitting to a polygraph test, and then he works in a crack about Lance Armstrong."  Remember when people were saying this could get ugly?  Well, it hasn't gotten ugly...yet, they've got to wade through stupid first.
  • The new projections are here!  Here's a brief rundown of what going to happen next season: Fun with Marcels -  "The on-base percentage crown goes to Joey Votto at .422, with Miguel Cabrera beating Mike Trout in the AL .412 to .411. Remember, Mike does not have three full seasons behind him yet. Trout’s slash line comes in at .321/.411/.546, so he should make another run at an MVP."  If you're interested in doing some research on your own,  Here's the spreadsheet.
  • Torii Hunter reminds me of your friend's older brother.  You know, the one who us younger kids thought was cool because we didn't know better,  And the one who would ride his minibike over a ramp made of plywood and milk crates.  2013 MLB playoffs -- Torii Hunter of Detroit Tigers says he 'would die on the field' in response to questions about leaping catch attempt - ESPN.  ""I jumped up. I thought I had a bead on it," said Hunter, who came up in the Minnesota Twins organization with Ortiz and remains friends with the Red Sox slugger. "Next thing I know, I'm falling over the fence."
  • Yeah, the older brother who would blame everyone else for his broken arm: Torii Hunter Is Not Happy With Boston's Bullpen Cop.  "Hunter was shaken up by his tumble over the low wall and into the Red Sox bullpen. He said he landed awkwardly and had the wind knocked out of him. But after viewing replays of the home run, he's wondering why Horgan had to be a fan instead of, you know, doing his job.
  • I think mascots are lame.  Just sayin'.  Dodgers fan in a bear costume ejected after dancing on the Cardinals dugout  - Yahoo Sports.  "The Dodgers don't have a bear for a mascot. They don't have a mascot, period. And that explains why the person in the bear costume was ushered away by security. Let it be known, folks, you can't just show up at a baseball game and start mascotting, BYO-bear costume be damned."  But Dustin Hoffman approves:
  • I wonder if Mark Whicker from the OC Register has changed his mind about his Jaycee Dugard article?  Shortly after it was published, with demands for his firing, he made a half-hearted apology that basically said, "My article isn't bad, it's the internet's fault!"  Anyway, it's been over 4 years since he wrote one of the worst pieces of shit, and yet it still holds a place in journalism history.  Where Does Phil Mushnick's Wordbarf Rank Among Awful Sports Columns? "Phil Mushnick's "Adrian Peterson is a thug and at fault for his son's death" column is bad. Really bad. But is it worse than the reigning champion of instantly appalling sports columns, Mark Whicker's "Here's what Jaycee Dugard missed in sports while she was imprisoned and raped in a backyard shed for 18 years" masterpiece? Let's vote it out!"