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Wednesday Halolinks: The Truth Will Set You Free

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The MVP voters are at it again, trying to justify not selecting Mike Trout.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Some Halolinks while you're waiting for the Rays vs. Indians game:

  • Over at NBCSport's Hardball Talk, Craig Calcaterra points out how some writers have a different perception of what is Valuable, and how that perception can change when it no longer fits what they think is right.  First Jon Heyman: Sometimes September matters. Sometimes it doesn’t. - HardballTalk.  "Again, as Heyman explains what he’s doing it’s merely a difference of opinion, and he is entitled to his. But it does illustrate that, the farther you stray from merely picking the best player for the MVP and step into the tall, amorphous weeds of "value," the harder it is to apply consistent criteria. Sometimes September matters, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a team that wins by one game had it in the bag all along, sometimes a team that won by three was fighting for its playoff life. Some games are pressure free, some games are pressure packed. It can get a little messy. And I don’t figure any reporter would dare tell Mike Trout, as Heyman says here, that he didn’t play any meaningful games after May, thus had no pressure."  And then a little later, he points out how Buster Olney decided to vote for Cabrera in spite of agreeing Trout is the better player: When the "best" player who "unquestionably provides the most value to his team" is not the MVP. As my mom always told me, "Tell the truth.  It's easier to remember."  I'm not suggesting these guys are lying, I think they've just thought their way from the truth.  The more they've tried to justify their opinion, the further they wandered into excuses that no longer are valid.  Perhaps an easier way to answer the who's the more valuable player is to ask, "Would the Tigers have been a better team with Mike Trout rather than Miguel Cabrera?  And would the Angels have had a better record with Cabrera in their lineup instead of Trout?"
  • As Rev noted in a post yesterday, it doesn't look like anything is going to happen regarding Jerry Dipoto or Mike Scioscia soon...or ever.  Well at least this off-season: Owner's inaction could bode well for Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia -  "A second day passed on Tuesday with owner Arte Moreno taking no action on the front office chief and the field boss, further fueling the belief that both will return in 2014 despite another highly disappointing season in which the Angels missed the playoffs for the fourth straight year."  I now have Rush's "Freewill" running through my head, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
  • If Moreno is going to can Mike Scioscia, he'd be doing him a favor by doing it sooner rather than later.  If he waits too long, Scioscia's going to miss some other opportunities: Cubs interested in A.J. Hinch for manager opening -  "Hinch is among the names on the Cubs' list of potential candidates to replace Dale Sveum, who was fired Monday after two years managing the Cubs."  Also, if he waits too long, someone else is going to grab the guy he wants (or should want): Could Cal Ripken Jr. manage Nats? Well, he didn't rule it out -  "But at one point, regarding the idea of managing, he did slip in a couple hints there are worse ideas. "At some point I might like to do that," he said."
  • This will help you pick your October team: Flowchart: Who should you root for in the playoffs? -  "If your favorite team has already been eliminated, who should you root for in the playoffs? This handy flowchart will help you choose the best team for you between the remaining ten contenders using important signifiers like bunting and facial hair."  Or, maybe more importantly if you plan to root for that team in person, you should use this when picking your team: Baseball’s most and least expensive playoff tickets - Yahoo Sports.  "From Yahoo Sports: The most expensive ticket for a Divisional Series game surprisingly isn't in Boston or Los Angeles."
  • The 20 longest home runs of the 2013 baseball season - Yahoo Sports.  "If you like the long ball, we suggest you stop what you're doing, go get yourself a bowl of popcorn, put this badboy on full-screen mode and enjoy eight minutes of pitches getting crushed."
  • I remember the 475' Mark Trumbo bomb.  Hard to beleive that was almost 6 months, and several heartbreaks ago.