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Angels' Next Manager and General Manager: The Winners

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The tournaments are officially over. Time to review the decisions you've made and look at where the real road could lead.

Will he still be here to see who's righting the ship next season?
Will he still be here to see who's righting the ship next season?
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The tournaments have drawn to their respective ends.

It was a month or so ago that all this madness started, trying to see who the people of this great site--the most devoted of us fans within the Halosphere--would want to see replace Jerry Dipoto and/or Mike Scioscia.

And by our choices, it's clear we live in a land of fairytales. But what a lovely land it is.

For Dipoto's potential successor, Billy Beane was the consensus pick, defeating Andrew Friedman in his final bracket. As for Scioscia's successor, Joe Maddon was the overwhelming favorite, defeating Omar Vizquel in HIS final bracket, and soundly defeating Scioscia by a 152-68 vote (69% to 31%).

What is an exercise of, however? We as fans would absolutely LOVE to see the likes of Maddon and Beane waltzing into their respective capacities. We all are aware that in reality, both of them are under lock and key of Tampa Bay and Oakland, respectively. And as much as we all know that the likes of Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and anyone else comprising the superstar core of the team are in dire need of a different voice that can actually control the clubhouse and command respect, we also know that the odds of acquiring either wunderkind are slim to none.

So the purpose, then, of this wrapup is twofold. Now that we know who our fantasy picks are, I want to hear, from each and every one of you, who your choice(s) would be--in reality--to replace Scioscia and/or Dipoto.

Oh, and one last poll, of course, as to which one should go, if either of them should, even.

We have a heck of an offseason to look forward to--a much different scenario than we've been used to for a while. Arte Moreno looking to avoid the luxury tax and the team being strapped as far as payroll is concerned means (knocks on wood, holds breath and crosses fingers) no big splashes this offseason as far as free agents are concerned. Howie Kendrick and Mark Trumbo look to be beautiful trade bait, likely to be dangled for young pitching galore. We get to see if local favorite son Jason Vargas re-signs with the team, which would add, if nothing else, consistency to the rotation. We take on the unfamiliar role of seller this offseason (to a certain extent), and the biggest story of all: Will it still be Jerry Dipoto guiding that role? And will Mike Scioscia still be in charge of the new-look team next season?