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Guess Who? - UPDATE


THis was the Hamilton shot I used
THis was the Hamilton shot I used
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, lookie here! You popped in on a Sunday and find a free new thingy! And it's interactive!!

Let's play a game. Below are 20 common images of various members of the LAA franchise found here among the SBNation imagery. For each, I cropped out something about each person that should trigger your memory and help you identify who it is. They could be gestures, common motions, custom apparel, etc. Some of these should be extremely easy. A couple are pretty obscure. And the image quality will vary based on the selected source material, for which I refuse to apologize. Consider it part of the challenge.

This first set should, in truth, be pretty easy. Whetting the appetite, so to speak. But trust me, if this proves popular I will amp up the degree of difficulty week after week after week. And, maybe, if things work out as hoped, I might start offering prizes. But that will be up to you all...

How fast can you identify how many correctly? I will provide answers later, but only if they turn out to be necessary (ie., no consensus amongst you all on any particular crop).

Ready? Set...Go! Put your guesses/snark.jokes.arguments below!!

Gw_2013_10_20_1_medium Gw_2013_10_20_2_medium Gw_2013_10_20_3_medium

**********  UPDATE: ***********

Ok, people, here are the answers to this Sunday's Funn. If it weren't for eyespy jumping in at the final moments, this week's showing would have been rather embarrassing. He's the only one who nailed Aybar at #9, and the one who figured out that #12 is De La Rosa. Meanwhile, King Weaver is the only one who pegged #14 as Chris Iannetta, and Tom Servo 93 figured out that #8 is Joe Blanton.

And nobody got Howie Kendrick laid out while diving to his left at #15.

King Weaver named 14 correct and 2 wrong. I have no idea who is meant by "Dish". Next week no pet names! Rev got 12 correct, of the answers provided. Those were the closest results

So, to end all mystery, here are the answer. Forgive me a little bit, but this week the full pics will only be made available if there is any lingering confusion, and then not until later in the week. I am out of town and working remotely, with very little free time.

Anyway, here are all 20, with that which is pretty common for each player:

1: Mike Trout (dirty pants, thick leg, pant leg all the way to the cleats)

2: Jered Weaver (right arm overhead whiplash

3: Mark Trumbo (right handed batter, home run follow through, bat aimed to the sky, personal batting gloves)

4: Dino Ebel (reaching out to shake hands after home run)

5: Ernesto Frieri (right leg extended straight out on follow-through of pitch from a right-handed pitcher)

6: C.J. Wilson (left leg pointing to the sky of a left-handed pitcher)

7: Peter Bourjos (high pants, racing around the bases)

8: Joe Blanton (Yes, scratching his head with his cap in hand.)

9: Erick Aybar (jump throw, moving to his left)

10: Jason Vargas (stocky left handed pitcher)

11: Hank Conger (left-handed follow through, one hand, personal glove)

12: Dane De La Rosa (bent-leg slide step off rubber)

13: Albert Pujols (personal gloves, pointing to sky)

14: Chris Iannetta (chunky right handed batter in power stroke)

15: Howie Kendrick (infielder laid out diving to his left)

16: Jerome Williams (right handed pitcher with pink glove)

17: Arte Moreno (red polo shirt with arms behind his back in stance of authority)

18: Josh Hamilton (arm braces)

19: Mike Scioscia (belly to belly umpire Jerry Layne)

20: Jerry Dipoto (still wearing his Regular Boys hair cut)