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Tuesday Halolinks: Don't trade a catcher, sign a pitcher!

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The Blue Jays want another Angels backstop, but why? And why would the Angels deal either of them?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the date: November 1, 2013.  That's the day after game 7 of this year's World Series, and the real first day of the offseason...which the Angels are looking to three-peat as champions.  Until then, have some Halolinks:

  • There's a fanshot on the Halos Heaven front page with a link to MLBTradeRumors about this, and now I'm using this rumor as the lead to today's Halolinks.  It must be a slow news day when this is gets at least four article written about it, but hey, what' another: Iannetta, Conger, and the End of the Arencibia Era - FanGraphs Baseball.  "While Iannetta is a known quantity as a decent veteran starter, Conger might be more intriguing. After seemingly languishing in the Angels system waiting for a chance behind Mike Napoli (OK, that makes sense) and Jeff Mathis (…), Conger got a bit of look in the majors in 2011, and a slightly better one in 2013."  If I had to choose between Conger or Iannetta as to which catcher the Angels should keep, I'd pick Napoli.  I don't why the Angels would be interested in dealing either of these players when there's no depth within the system to replace them.  I also don't quite get the interest from the Blue Jays.  There are a few free agent catcher who are going to be available.  Why these two guys?  Here's a comment from HardballTalk's post: The Blue Jays are targeting Angels catchers Chris Iannetta or Hank Conger - HardballTalk.  "andreweac - Oct 21, 2013 at 10:47 AM
    Just another team that has been successfully cursed by Mike Napoli. Angels after trading Napoli? Littered with epic fails. Blue Jays after trading Napoli? Train wrecks all over the place and lost seasons. Rangers after not retaining Napoli? Total collapse at the end of the year."
  • Garrett Richards had the third best wild pitch!  Wait, that's not a good thing?  The Worst of the Best: The Season’s Wildest Pitches - FanGraphs Baseball.  "It’s been said that a lot of the time, catchers don’t set up in specific spots for breaking balls, because the breaking balls are just supposed to be thrown to the same place. Iannetta set up in a specific spot for this particular breaking ball, and then Richards threw the pitch to the mezzanine. His spot was actually lower and more inside than the center of the plate, making this mistake all the worse. So now it’s even clearer why Richards hangs his head in disappointment in the aftermath. Also in this start Richards allowed zero runs.
  • Bogar had been mentioned several times as a possible replacement for Angels manager Mike Scioscia had the club decided to let their manager go: Rangers hire Tim Bogar as new bench coach - Yahoo Sports.  "Bogar spent this season as manager at Double-A Arkansas in the Los Angeles Angels' organization. He was previously on Boston's coaching staff for four years, including 2012 as bench coach, and was a quality assurance coach for Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon in 2008. Bogar worked in Boston with Rangers hitting coach Dave Magadan."  Moreno is now fuming because he thinks this is payback for his signing of Josh Hamilton.  If it is, the Rangers win this round.
  • Imagine the scene:  The Angels call for a press conference and announce they've fired Scioscia.  And then they annouce they've replaced him with the the team's pitching coach.  Yeah, it could be worse: Report: Reds to name pitching coach Bryan Price as their next manager  - Yahoo Sports.  "Price, 51, has been the Cincinnati pitching coach since the 2010 season. Prior to that, he held the same job for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Seattle Mariners. He never played big-league baseball, but Price spent five seasons in the Los Angeles Angels and Mariners farm systems."
  • This is awesome, and probably why Leyland was so successful: When Jim Leyland made an ass of himself - Baseball Nation.  "A few minutes later, according to Pascarelli, Bonds joined the other Pirates outfielders for some activity, and grizzled coach Bill Virdon sidled up to Bonds and said, "Why don't you grow up and stop acting like an asshole? How the hell can you treat people like that?" That went over super-well! Bonds snapped, and had to be restrained by a pair of coaches. At which point Leyland hurried over and wanted to know what was going on. Bonds told Leyland it wasn't any of his business. And that's when Leyland so famously snapped ..."  Go watch the video.
  • Doesn't this photo look like one of those staged shots used by motivational poster companies?  Mark Cuban Stars In The Official Photograph Of Rich White Men.  "Mike Fuentes of Bloomberg captured this perfectly timed photo of Mark Cuban on the courthouse steps last week, yukking it up minutes after being found not guilty cleared in an insider trading case brought by the SEC. Cuban loves it. His lawyers love it. Even the business and finance reporters love it! God bless the establishment. Here's the thing: This is probably how it feels to be Mark Cuban all the time." 
    Let's have a contest (sorry, no prizes)!  Who can make the best motivational poster out of this photo!  Submit your entries in the comment section.Cuban_medium
    (I made this one here: BIG HUGE LABS)
  • Oh wait.  I get it, Cuban just bought a ticket to the World Series: Man Buys Ticket To Game 1 Of World Series For $6.00 On StubHub.  "That's right, reader Erik went on StubHub today and purchased a ticket to Game 1 of the World Series at Fenway Park for $6. The seat, located in right field box 97, was listed at $3.00. Presumably the seller screwed up (at the very least) the decimal placement on the listing because the cheapest ticket in that section is now listed at $759.00."
  • This could be an interesting series of articles: Welcome to Baseball Scout School - The Triangle Blog - Grantland.  "To be invited to Scout School, you have to be sponsored by a major league team, which means that most attendees have already broken into baseball. And it’s serious business for those who hope to pursue scouting as a career, since their future employment could depend on getting a good grade."
  • So much for those "Howie Kendrick to the Dodgers" trade rumors: Dodgers agree to sign Cuban IF Alex Guerrero for $28 million -  "Guerrero hit .290/.402/.576 with 21 home runs and more walks (39) than strikeouts (30) in 328 plate appearances during his final season in Cuba. Badler says he is likely to go to Double-A or Triple-A in hopes of reaching the majors quickly."  But only fuels the fire for those "Angels make another big splash this off season" rumors: Dodgers look unlikely now for Cano, but here are 10 teams that may call -  "Cano, the top free agent on the market, could possibly draw interest to varying degrees from about 10 outside teams, including the Rangers, Tigers, Cubs, Mariners, Blue Jays, Orioles, White Sox, Nationals, Angels and Giants, in addition to the Yankees."
  • For some reason, this article bugs me.  I don't know if it's the writing style (said the guy who has none), or the subject matter, but I hate it: World Series teams say goodbye to stars, hello to pennants - MLB Daily Dish