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Wednesday Halolinks: No Angels' game tonight, the World Series is on

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For the eleventh time in the last 12 years, the Angels aren't playing in the World Series.

Curtis Granderson is AVAILABLE
Curtis Granderson is AVAILABLE

This could have been a day that caused me to pee my pants.  Instead, as most other days, I sit here with dry underwear.  Why are they dry?  Because the World Series is starting and the Angels aren't in it.  Oh well, we still have Halolinks:

  • Lack of familiarity gives World Series an old-school feel - Tom Verducci -  "Not only are we lucky enough to get the first World Series since 1979 that matches division winners who led their respective leagues in wins and run differential, but this is also the rare World Series these days that hasn't been spoiled by interleague play."  This is rare, the last time division winners met in the World Series was, umm...2012.  But wait, he does add the bit about leading their leagues in run differential.  So yeah, this is a special World Series.  Anyway, I thought this tidbit was pretty intereting, "Major league teams threw an average of 146 pitches per game this year. When they faced the Red Sox at Fenway, however, they had to throw an average of 153 pitches. Boston was 33-13 at Fenway when it forced its opponent to throw more than the MLB average of 146 -- with the majority of those games seeing the Sox get eight turns at bat, not nine."  I take this to mean that the Red Sox were a team who works the count and when they saw a good pitch, they hit it.  Which is true.  They led the league in base-on-balls and slugging percentage.  No wonder they're in the Series!
  • I was wrong yesterday when I mentioned the date to remember was November 1st as to when the off-season officials begins.  The correct date is five days after the end of the World Series, which means the off-season will begin anywhere from November 1st (I could still be right!) to November 5th.  That's when these players become intriguing: FanGraphs Crowd: The Top 47 Free Agents - FanGraphs Baseball.  "FanGraphs once again facilitated this offseason a contract-crowdsourcing project, the idea being to harness the wisdom of the crowds to the end of better understanding the 2013-14 free-agent market."  And just so you know, Curtis Granderson IS AVAILABLE.  What will it take to get him?  Fangraphs' crowdsource says: Real Years: 4 Real AAV: $14.0 Real Total: $55.9.  I realize signing Granderson would mean less playing time for J.B. Shuck, but sacrifices must be made.
  • For those of us hoping the Angels are players in the Tanaka signing derby, a LA vs LA-A fight could be interesting:
  • Much like the Jayson Werth contract a couple of years ago, thanks to the Giants' signing of Tim Lincecum, the price may have already gone up: Reactions To The Lincecum Deal -  "The two-year, $35MM deal could really boost the total price tag for Japanese standout Masahiro Tanaka, tweets Ben Badler of Baseball America.  Tanaka is considered by some to be the best available starter on the open market this offseason."
  • The last couple of seasons have me somewhat jaded when looking at the off-season hijinks of the Halo front-office.  I liked the Pujols signing, was meh towards Hamilton, but will be completely floored (not in the good way) if Cano is in their future: Teams that could sign Robinson Cano - Beyond the Box Score.  "With Cano being 31, he's going to start declining--and if past second base trends apply to Cano, the slope of decline will be steep. With Pujols and Hamilton already looking like horrid decisions--and the possibility of a Mike Trout extension staring them in the face during the time when Pujols and Hamilton will be making most of their money--a Cano contract makes little sense. The Angels would simply have too little WAR making too much money on too many roster spots. Grade: F"  Please, oh please, oh PLEASE be right.
  • Back to the Freak's new contract:  Tim Lincecum's big new contract - Baseball Nation.  "Oddly enough, this is a $35 million bet on sabermetrics by a franchise that routinely dismisses the value of sabermetrics. Usually I'm happy to bet on sabermetrics. This time? I'm really glad it's not my money."  Neyer mentions in this post that Lincecum's numbers from the last two seasons may have been the result of some bad luck.
  • Imagine if the Angels still had Jean Segura in their system: Where does David Price fit? - The Hardball Times.  "Everybody needs pitching, but teams like the Tigers, Reds and Cardinals probably aren't going to give up much to reinforce something that's already a strength (not that the Tigers have enough to get a deal done anyway). A contender like Oakland isn't in the market for taking on salaries any more than are the Rays. Still others like the Angels or the Braves don't have the prospects to get a deal done. It doesn't leave the Rays with a ton of options. But it only takes one."
  • Jeff Sullivan at his best analyzing the worst:  The Worst of the Best: The Season’s Wildest Swings - FanGraphs Baseball.  "Colby Rasmus swung at this pitch, and he swung with the full, uninterrupted confidence of a man who couldn’t believe pitches could do that and go there."
  • Maybe Rasmus should read this deep (and I mean DEEP.  Oh my God is this thing deep) analysis of swings: Breaking Down the Swing: Best Hitters of 2012 Part III - FanGraphs Baseball
  • StubHub tried to screw this guy, but ended up doing the right thing: StubHub Cancels $6 World Series Ticket Sale, Gives Guy Ticket Anyway.  "We told you last night about reader Erik, who logged on to StubHub and bought a $6 ticket (including $3 in fees!) for tomorrow night's World Series opener at Fenway. Yeah, well, StubHub has now let it be known the sale was "fraudulent" and that they've canceled Erik's purchase."
  • Spoiler alert - None of the bats being created for this event belong to an Angel player.  Louisville Slugger bats being prepared for World Series.  "Bats to be used during the World Series are prepared at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory in Louisville, Kentucky. Players like Shane Victorino, David Freese, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia will be using Louisville Slugger bats when they step up to the plate. Catch photos of the craftsmen producing bats to each player’s individual preferences." 
  • Oh brother.  The Albert Pujols Pain Is Just Too Personal in St. Louis - Yahoo Sports.  "In Albert's case, he gave up perennial postseason play, a chance to play in the same town where he makes his home and his children go to school, a rabid fan base that all but worshiped him -- and a legacy. A legacy reserved for only the truly special members of Cardinal Nation. He gave it all up for higher taxes, a long commute and a declining career spent playing in front of a fan base more apt to boo him than remember "the good 'ol times."