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Guess Who? - Saturday, 10/26/2013

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Guess Who? - Saturday 10/26. Can you identify this Halo? This time it is one player, scrambled up.

Can you guess the player?
Can you guess the player?

Last week, as our kickoff, was pretty straightforward. 20 slices of 20 players with something characteristic about each put into the cropped image. Going forward we will see things get more and more "dicey". Eventually, we will get to levels tough enough to warrant serious compensation for that person who solves the puzzle first. I do have prizes in mind.

This week, we will get a little easier, but A LOT harder. It's easier because it is only 1 player. But it's harder because there is little that is distinctive. There are some clues that are intentional, which would allow you to cut down the number of possibilities from roughly 50 candidates. From there you can spout all the answers you want, but which one is your final answer?

Some of you are going to get it wrong. Some of you are going to get it right. I am not going to help any of you out until Monday, when I reveal the answer AND the image. By the way, no pet names. I want the real last name, please.

Good luck!