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Alberto Callaspo - Top 100 Angels #84

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Huh? Really? Really!

Jason O. Watson


When I started stacking up player performances to get this list together, I never expected to encounter the recently- traded Alberto Callaspo. But from the time he came to the Angels in July of 2010 until he was traded three years and a week later, he did better wearing a Halo than approximately 824 others.

Consider this:

  • Alberto's 7.5 Wins Above Replacement is tied for 44th best in club history. Tied with Bengie Molina, that Top-100 Enough for you?
  • His offensive WAR of 6.6 ranks 45th best in Angels history. His Defensive WAR of 1.8 ranks 34th -compare to Torii Hunter's 1.3 ranking 47th despite Torii having over 1300 Plate Appearances as a measurement of playing time.
  • Callaspo walked 160 times as an Angel - 45th most. Howie Kendrick is 44th on the list with 165 Walks - in 1,700 more PA!

So even if this list were divided 50-50 equally between pitchers and position players - which it is not - Alberto would have a case to be ranked somewhere in the 90s.

Alberto Callaspo was drafted by the Angels but traded as a minor leaguer to the Diamondbacks for relief pitcher Jason Bulger (who did not make this list). He was traded to the Royals and then traded back to the Angels on July 22, 2010 for young pitching: Sean O'Sullivan and Will Smith.

The Angels divebombed in the standings immediately after the trade, rendering the deadline deal moot but securing the 3B position for the foreseeable future. All Callaspo did at 3B was give the Angels no headaches and accrue enough trade value that he brought in a good infield prospect form the Athletics on July 30, 2013 when he was traded for Grant Green. Had they been in contention you can bet they would not have traded this clock-punching reliable Top 100 Angel.