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Thursday Halolinks: A long, cold winter for Halo fans

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The season just ended 4 days ago, and I'm already bored.


Have you adjusted to your post-baseball life yet?  I know I haven't.  I got rid of my cable service a few months ago since it seemed all we watched were baseball games on and whichever lame cute program my 7 year-old was watching on the Disney Channel.  No baseball means binge-watching, so over the last few days I ran through 6 episodes of Netflix's "House of Cards".  The show's not bad, and Kevin Spacey is great, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do next.  Other than Halolinks, what should I fill my time with (please give me your ideas in the comment section)?

  • For those of you who have become Angels' fans in the last four years, "meaningful October baseball games" are different than those played April - September.  Although some in the Angels organization apparently believe games in September count differently than those in the first couple months of the season, games in October truly are more important than the previous 162.  Since there those fans who may not know it or remember, the Angels have played in these games...I know, I know, I sometimes kid you, but yes, they have.  Anyway, here's yesterday's meaningful game (that didn't involve the Halos): Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cleveland Indians - Recap - October 02, 2013 - ESPN.  "Dodging trouble for nearly seven innings, Cobb and the Rays pitched their way to another must-have win on the road, beating the Cleveland Indians 4-0 Wednesday night in the AL wild-card game."
  • Serious question; Is this a big deal?  Indians fans dress in red face during AL wild card game - Yahoo Sports.  "Cleveland fans were excited for Wednesday's AL wild card game. They waved towels and cheered and wore their best Indians gear. You know, the usual. A few Indians fans, however, went there — they dressed in red face, aiming to look like Chief Wahoo himself. Eeek."
  • Wait a minute, you mean a team can take care of personnel issues this soon?  Ron Washington safe, but Texas Rangers shake up staff - ESPN Dallas.  "It didn't take long for the Texas Rangers to make some changes for the 2014 season. While manager Ron Washington will return, bench coach Jackie Moore and first-base coach Dave Anderson will not. The Rangers announced Wednesday that the contracts of Moore and Anderson will not be renewed."
  • It's not you, it's me: Los Angeles Angels Primed for Playoff Run in 2014 - Yahoo Sports.  "A baseball season is a bit like dating in that regardless of what is hoped for at the beginning, it's very unlikely that it will end with the champagne celebration of marriage -- or, in baseball, a championship. Even if you're dating someone amazing and everything just clicks and it seems like a "championship" is a certainty, there are so many factors that can get in the way. Maybe her bitter friends don't like you. Maybe she has a bit of a wandering eye. Or maybe she refuses to have her ex-boyfriend move out of her apartment because they're "just friends and you're really making too big a deal out of this, Jed."
  • Oh boy. A toast to the 2013 Los Angeles Angels - Yahoo Sports.  "To the Angels, for forgetting to sign some effective pitchers to go with all those supposed big bats. To the Angels, for proving that bigger (contracts) are not always better. To the Angels, for at least having a relief pitcher who will help an injured bird. And for having highlight-reel outfield play. To the Angels, for having Mark Trumbo around to hit epic home runs." 
  • All he has to do is wait 5 more months!  Bernie Pleskoff: Angels prospect Nick Maronde primed for bullpen role -  "Maronde throws a tailing fastball that he can locate very well on both sides of the plate and at the hitter's knees. It's a very strong pitch, from which he can alternate to a high-quality slider. The slider might well be his best out pitch. His fastball usually sits at 90-91 mph, while the slider has late bite at around 85 mph. Maronde's third pitch is his changeup. Like many pitchers in development, at this point, that appears to be his least effective offering. It can be called a work in progress. If Maronde can command his changeup -- throwing strikes, and inducing swings and misses -- he will increase his opportunity for consistent success."
  • New Angels third baseman, anyone? Ex-Brewer McGehee to explore return to MLB -  "In his first season overseas, the 30-year-old infielder hit 27 home runs while driving in 90 and posting an .883 OPS for the Eagles. He isn’t ruling out staying in Japan, but he plans to explore a return to MLB in the coming months."
  • This is so gloriously bad.  The morons associated with this team should be ashamed to be seen on an org chart: The Marlins Put The Wrong Date On Their Dumb, Fake No-Hitter Tickets.  "Look, if you're going to sell shitty vanity PDFs—which is despicable and perverse and naturally the Marlins are doing this instead of sending real tickets—the least you can do is get the goddamn date right. It's the whole reason to spend $15 (plus fees) for one of these monstrosities."  It's not even a real ticket!  I've got to wonder who's the bigger idiot, those selling this crap or those buying?
  • I once bought a dime bag of fake weed.  Must be what it's like for whichever team signs Robinson Cano: Jay Z says past as a drug dealer will help him as a sports agent -  "Possibly what's prepared him best to be a sports agent though was his early years when he was a drug dealer. According to an interview with Vanity Fair, Jay Z said the components that make up being a drug dealer helped him learn skills that will come in handy when he's negotiating deals and ventures for his clients."