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POLL: Do you want John Lackey to win Game 6?

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The former Angel could bring a World Series title to Boston for the third time in ten seasons. Do you want him to do it?

Jared Wickerham

John Lackey left behind a World Series ring, Mike Scioscia, and 102 wins in his Angels career for the Red Sox and $82.5M after the 2009 ALCS loss to the Yankees. In Boston, he's done a lot... off the field. During games, he has eaten fried chicken and drank beer with his fellow starting pitchers. He had Tommy John surgery. Lackey even went through a divorce with his wife while she had been fighting breast cancer. On the field, he's amassed just a 36-36 record.

But the day has come. John Lackey can win the World Series for the Boston Red Sox. In 2002, he did it as a rookie in Game 7 against the San Francisco Giants. Now he's older and wiser. He'll be pitching against a St. Louis Cardinals team that was on the brink of defeat with Texas Rangers in 2011 and pulled out a championship. It's the World Series, so anything can happen, right?

These are the Red Sox that conquered us in 2004, 2007, and 2008 where the Halos earned just one win in a total of ten games. The Sox went on to win the World Series in the first two of that trio. The question is simple: do you want John Lackey to win Game 6 for the Red Sox tonight?

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