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Albert Pujols Suing Jack Clark for Defamation

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Pujols filed a lawsuit today in St. Louis against Jack Clark. On August 2, in his first week as a "shock jock" sports talk radio host on St. Louis-area station WGNU, Clark made a definitive statement hat Pujols used steroids. Pujols immediately denied the allegations and Clark was soon fired, along with his co-host.

Clark stated that when he worked for the Dodgers as a hitting coach (a position from which he was also fired) in 2000, an ex-trainer from the Cardinals, Chris Mihlfeld explicitly told him that Pujols - then a minor leaguer - was juicing. Mihlfeld has subsequently denied those allegations and that such a conversation as described ever took place.

The lawsuit does not specify what damages Pujols is seeking besides "relief" and a declaration from Clark that his statement was false.

Clark and his lawyers are not running scared. The St. Louis Post Dispatch caught up with his lawyer, Chet Pleban, who said Clark wold welcome a jury trial...

"Jack has said all along and, certainly, continues to say that if Albert Pujols wants to file the lawsuit, he looks forward to defending the lawsuit before 12 unbiased people who don't have a horse in the race. And we'll look forward to the discovery process and the deposition of Mr. Pujols. I have a variety of questions for Mr. Pujols."

Albert's lawsuit spells out that terminating Clark was not enough. The lawsuit states...

Cutting Clark off at the microphone will not undo the harm to Pujols' reputation caused by Clark.

Pujols has certainly upped the ante here, but if he were to back down for any reason, that action would alone tarnish his reputation and increase suspicion. All the cards are seemingly on the table now. This is going to be intense.