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Tuesday Halolinks: Teams making management changes, except Angels

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A few teams have already started looking for new personnel to replace those who have been fired...but don't count on the Halos being one of those teams just yet.

Angels' manager Don Mattingly and pitching coach Sandy Koufax.
Angels' manager Don Mattingly and pitching coach Sandy Koufax.
Stephen Dunn

All quiet on the Halo front.  But can you picture it, Arte and his billboard boys sitting around a table at Denny's talking about how cool it would be if they could get Joe Girardi to replace Mike Scoiscia as the Angels' manager:

Arte:  I'd sure like to have Girardi as out manager.
Dennis: Who?  Never heard of him.
John:  Never heard of him.  Pass the Sweet-n-Low.
Arte:  He was the Yankees manager the last few seasons.
Kuhl:  OH him!  I love that guy!
John:  He's terrific!  Pass the Sweet-n-Low.

  • Within this post regarding Joe Girardi is this tidbit about the Angels: Joe Girardi couldn’t have timed free agency better - The Boston Globe.  "Arte Moreno, owner, Angels — GM Jerry Dipoto and Scioscia are getting the blame, but it’s becoming evident that Moreno could be the major problem with the Angels. He’s made some poor decisions in personnel, including pressuring the front office to sign big-name players. "I think he has to take a look at himself and learn to stay out of it and name a president who can oversee the baseball," said an AL executive. An Andy MacPhail/ Joe Garagiola Jr. type to bring some sense to the operation seems in order."  So let me get this straight, Nick Cafardo is suggesting the Angels have a "baseball man" run the "baseball team".  But then how will the team sell billboards??
  • Management-in-training talk: Managerial/Coaching Rumors: Nagy, Yankees, Price: -  "As reported earlier today, the Cubs are considering such names as Manny Acta, A.J. Hinch and Rick Renteria to be their new manager, though it seems they're prepared to top any offer Joe Girardi might receive from the Yankees."  And this feature about a possible soon-to-be: Joe McEwing, Future Big League Manager - FanGraphs Baseball.  "The 40-year-old former infielder has been viewed as a future MLB manager since retiring after the 2006 season. "Super Joe" managed in the White Sox system for three years prior to joining Robin Ventura’s staff, and is highly-regarded thanks to his people skills and knowledge of the game."  Hey, look who's NOT going to be the Angels manager...unless they offer it to him.  Nah, just kidding: Tony La Russa says he is not a candidate for the Reds job -  "La Russa, attending Game 1 of the AL Division Series between the Tigers and Athletics here Friday night, told that he has no interest in managing again."
  • This list contains a former Angel (Morales), a current Angel (trout), and a future Angel (Cano): 2013 Hank Aaron award finalists announced - HardballTalk.  "Major League Baseball just announced the 2013 nominees for the Hank Aaron Award. The award is intended to honor the best offensive performers in each league. "Screen-shot-2013-10-07-at-2-00-27-pm1-e1381169202550_medium
  • You can vote for who you think is the best hitter here: Hank Aaron Award -
  • I hate to admit it, but I haven't watched one inning of playoff baseball yet.  Work, family, and solitaire have taken up my valuable time so far, so someone please tell me; Is this true?  Are the Dodgers getting the snub from TBS?  Have they been doing a good job with the "other stuff" (nose-picking, butt-scratching, and sunflower spitting)?: Is there too much Georgia on TBS announcers' minds? - Orlando Sentinel.  "Overall, the TBS visual storytelling has been sufficient, sometimes extraordinary, as when they picked up Braves catcher Brian McCann chalking his fingers so the pitcher could get a better read. And, thankfully, TBS seems to forsake the ultra-close-ups of ballplayers spitting or fiddling with their noses, which seems to be a Fox trademark.
  • Right now, if I pick up my left hand off of this keyboard and move it about 5 inches to the left, my hand would bump up against an old copy of "Ball Four".  I love this book and read it about once-a-year.  So, whenever there's anything Jim Bouton related in the news, it catches my attention: When Jim Bouton couldn't quite match Don Drysdale's zeroes - Baseball Nation.  "But it wasn't always this way. Before 1969, October baseball really meant early October baseball. Today, four American League teams will play just the second game of their first postseason series. But 50 years ago today, the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers met in Dodger Stadium for the third game of the '63 World Series. Jim Bouton started that game for the Yankees, and his memories remain clear and sharp."
  • Further evidence I'm a low-life, scumbag.  Why am I a low-life scumbag?  Because I laughed:  Clumsy Rugby League Child Faceplants.