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It's Official: Scioscia, Dipoto Keep Their Jobs

Are you bummerd?


The Angels have announced that Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia are returning in 2014.

Mike Butcher is too.

Bench coach Rob Picciolo and hitting coach Jim Eppard were terminated.

See that was the problem.

Picciolo succeeded Ron Roenicke after the 2009 season and Eppard succeeded Mickey Hatcher midway through the 2012 season.

Still waiting word about the fate of bullpen coach Steve Soliz and three peanut vendors in the View Section.

Despite trading away Jean Segura for a rental and acquiring Joe Blanton, Dipoto stays.

Despite the most obtusely rigid bullpen roles, commitment to sagging veterans and putting the greatest leadoff hitter in baseball (Mike Trout in case you were guessing) since Rickey Henderson in the number three spot in the batting order, Mike Scioscia will manage the Angels for a fifteenth season.

Happy Quinceañera Los Angeles of Anaheim.

Meanwhile there is dead silence on a contract for Trout... whose last non-arbitration season is upon us and who is already looking for a house to live in... hint ...hint ...hint ...hint.

Hollering to Mrs. Halofan she asked one question: So ...are they getting rid of Arte Moreno?