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Angels Pitcher Jason Vargas Signs With Royals

Angels Get Nothing But a Deeper Pitching Hole

Royally Gone...
Royally Gone...
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Vargas was not the best available pitcher on the market. The Angels opted not to offer him a Qualifying Offer of $14.1 Million for 2014. Had he signed with another team with the QO looming, the Angels would have received the first round pick of the signing team. Instead, they get nothing.

Today Jason Vargas signed a 4-year, $32 Million contract with the Kansas City Royals and the hole the Angels have been digging for themselves just got a little bit deeper. In a pitching market that pays the league average Vargas $8 Million a season, it appears the Angels are on the outside, underestimating what a few arms are actually able to garner from other clubs.

It is painfully apparent that Jerry Dipoto's hands are tied under an ultimatum to not take payroll over the MLB luxury tax threshold. the Vernon Wells contract is the gift that keeps giving.

Is this belt-tightening evidence of a slow suicide for Arte Moreno's pennant dreams? There is no way parsimonious pitching dollars are going to get anything that might help in 2014.