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Angels Sign Reliever Joe Smith

The best relief pitcher you have never heard of...

Does that hurt to look at or what?
Does that hurt to look at or what?

Originally reported here on Halos Heaven by GYOUNG08 as a FANSHOT (LINK)...

I never heard of him, you probably never heard of him, but Jerry Dipoto heard of him and on Saturday afternoon he overpaid for a darn good relief pitcher with the ungoogleable name of Joe Smith.

Smith is a sidearmer in the tradition of Kent Tekulve and with similar results - hidden away in Cleveland he has an ERA+ greater than 130 in each of the last three seasons, pitching between 63 - 67 innings each time.

He gives up shockingly few homeruns - you can literally count them on one hand for each of his seven seasons in the majors.

He consistently strikes out two batters for everyone he walks, gives up as many hits as he yields strikeouts and hasn't had a WHIP as high as 1.35 since 2010.

Smith turns 30 nine days before opening day. The Angels have signed him to a three year, $15 Million contract. As they are close to the Luxury Tax threshold it begs to be asked... will a Howie Kendrick trade or a Mark Trumbo trade be more likely... or does Arte Moreno have the guts to over the limit, pay the damn luxury tax and spend like a Steinbrenner?