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Wednesday Halolinks: What's with all the secrecy?

We're not owed an explanation, but what's wrong with some "openness"?

Stephen Dunn

Okay, who's reduced their calorie intake today so they can frenzy-feed their face tomorrow?  Just don't cut back on your Halolinks:

  • Within this Ken Rosenthal post is a tidbit about Peter Bourjos' trade value: Desperate Seattle Mariners must consider all free-agent options this offseason -  FOX Sports.  "The Angels’ biggest need is starting pitching, but they also had a vacancy at third base. Bourjos did not have enough value to bring them a controllable starter. Some of the teams that liked him in the past no longer had a need. Others, like the Phillies, did not have enough to offer."  It appears that our value of Bourjos doesn't match the true value that MLB general managers have of the former Angels' outfielder.  Since we have to rely on second-hand information and the use of statistical analysis to evaluate deals, our value of Bourjos is different than the value GM's place on him, we lack the inside knowledge to make informed opinions. They don't owe us an explanation, but how would it hurt if they were to give us the thought process behind this deal?  If anything, it'd possibly endear us even more since we'd feel that the club does care about how their fans feel.  Just once I'd like to read (or hear) an interview that asks, and has answered, real questions as to what really goes on with trade talks.  I once had the opportunity to ask Mike Port (yeah, it was a long time ago) about a possible deal involving the Angels when he was the club's GM.  I don't remember the players involved, nor the exact question, but I do remember it only required a simple "yes-no" response.  He couldn't do it.  He replied with some, "that's what so-and-so thinks", and "I can't get into specifics" bullshit. For some reason, this secrecy has been going on for a long time.  If Dipoto were to come out with the "why" in this deal, fans would probably get behind him with their support once they know all of the details.  I don't know, what's so hard with letting us in on the truth, or why do they feel the need to be vague?
  • I wish this was done more often, and with some sort of statistical evaluation.  You know, like "1 out of every 36 rumors come to fruition":  The Lineup Card: 8 Unfulfilled Rumors From Last Year's Hot Stove - Baseball Prospectus.  ""Frisaro also thinks Miami could be a trade match with the Angels as Peter Bourjos has been on the Marlins' radar for a while," nope"
  • This has been floating around here for a couple of days, but apparently it still has legs: Rockies exploring trades, talking to Angels, Royals; Fowler available - Denver Post.  "Trumbo, 27, profiles for the Rockies, who are looking for an impact bat at either first base or right field. However, there are clear obstacles: He’s coveted by many teams, and the Angels would prefer to use Trumbo to acquire starting pitching."  Royals have pitching, Angels need pitching, Rockies want Trumbo, Royals might want Fowler.  Looks like there's a potential for either a three-way deal, or some weird romance novel involving a Princess named Trumbo and a Canadian Mounted policeman named Fowler.
  • If my feelings for he Hall of Fame continue on their current path, I'm couldn't care less about this in just a couple years: BBWAA Releases Ridiculously Crowded HOF Ballot - FanGraphs Baseball.  "A general rule of thumb is that +60 WAR is a pretty decent dividing line for Hall of Famers. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but generally, guys in the +60 WAR range get real consideration for the HOF, and once you get above +80 WAR, you’re basically a lock to get in."  Don't get me wrong, visiting the Hall is definitely on my to-do list, but now its become a quest for history, not reliving the recent past careers of players.  Anyway, Maddux, Thomas headline 2014 BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot -  "As for the returning names, the players with the best chance to be inducted are Craig Biggio (68.2 percent of the vote last season), Jack Morris (67.7 percent -- and this is his last chance), Jeff Bagwell (59.6 percent), Mike Piazza (57.8 percent) and Tim Raines (52.2 percent)."  I still think Bobby Grich got shafted.
  • Deadspin Buys Hall Of Fame Vote, Will Turn It Over To Deadspin Readers.  "A member of the Baseball Writers' Association of America thought our plan sounded like a pretty damn good idea and sold us his/her vote, making a stand against the idea that a somewhat random subsection of the baseball press should maintain the power to confer what is, regrettably, the game's most prestigious honor. For obvious reasons, the voter will remain anonymous for now, but he/she will be filling out his/her ballot on behalf of Deadspin readers, who will be polled in binding elections. The voter will announce his/her name and motivations once his/her vote has been officially cast."
  • THIS is how you photograph a pride of lionsKu-xlarge
  • There is no way this idea gets used by a MLB manager, but I do think it'd be a pretty cool experiment: Replacing setup men with "openers" - Beyond the Box Score.  "The opener's role would be the first pitcher to start a game, effectively replacing the starting pitcher for the first frame of a baseball game. After this reliever, ideally a strong setup guy and one of the best relievers on the team, eliminates the first three or four batters of the game, the team's "starter" comes in beginning in the second inning, and runs his normal course."
  • Here's your "feel good" story of the day: Bo Jackson Surprises Paralympian Who Idolized Him As A Kid.  "Bo Jackson is so cool."