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SBNation's GM Simulation Thread

The second annual SBN GM simulation is under way.

Thanks Howie, see ya later.
Thanks Howie, see ya later.
Harry How

For the second year, SBNation is conducting an off-season general manager simulation.  Starting at 9am, a representative from each club will be talking trade, signing free agents, offering arbitration, and checking out the rack on the new intern.

Day two morning update: Turks Teeth and I are going discuss potential free agent offers, go over the trade offers for Mark Trumbo, and order Chinese for lunch (which will be kinda hard since I don't know where he lives, yet I'm sure they have better Chinese take-out than Bangor Wisconsin).

Just a note:

These deals are not real, it's just a simulation!

UPDATE 11/5/13 Noon:

  • Re-signed Jason Vargas for three years, $27 million deal.
  • Transaction #1 - Traded Howie Kendrick and Daniel Tillman to the Kansas City Royals for Danny Duffy, Aaron Crow, Wade Davis, and Michael Mariot.
  • The Seattle GM doesn't want to do (at least not yet) the Peter Bourjos deal mentioned in the Lookout Landing's post from a couple of days ago.  We're at a stand-still.
  • Got an offer from the Orioles; Nick Markakis for Bourjos, but I don't think the Angels can fit his salary in their budget.
  • Speaking of fitting into the budget, I'm afraid Jason Vargas would accept the qualifying offer ($14M), so I didn't offer it.  The draft pick would be nice, but I felt the budget space was more important.
  • Will be offering arbitration to Mark Trumbo, Peter Bourjos, and Ernesto Frieri.  Still haven't decided on offering it to Jerome Williams, as his salary will be $3.9M.  I'm leaning towards non-tendering him and looking for another player via free agent.
  • Chris Iannetta to the Blue Jays for Kyle Drabek?
  • Trumbo, Bourjos, and Kendrick are very popular so far this morning.  We have made an offer to the Royals involving Kendrick.  The Dodgers have shown an interest and made what Turks Teeth (Super Scout and Asst. GM) calls a lowball offer of Zach Lee, Chris Withrow, and Alex Santana for Kendrick, Shuck, and Sean Burnett.
  • Arizona, Cleveland, and the Yankees have made offers for Trumbo.
  • The Rays want to know if the David Price for Richards, Cron, Cowart, and Trumbo deal talked about last week is for real.

I'll be updating any new developments throughout the week.  As always, your input is greatly appreciated.