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Wednesday Halolinks: MLB to annouce award winners, Trout's time is not now

The baseball writers will soon announce their choices for this season's major awards, and once again none of them are Mike Trout.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We don't have editors who select the photos or create the headlines used for our posts.  The system for selecting photos allows for searches of each photos description, so the above photo is the result of a "trout cabrera" search.  You can't see Miguel Cabrera in the photo, but if you could, he'd be the fat guy standing at third base, watching Trout's hit go by him.  Another solid play, but whatever, he's going to be the back-to-back A.L. MVP.  Have some Halolinks:

  • BBWAA announces finalists for four major awards -  "AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera, Chris Davis, Mike Trout It's no wonder Cabrera, the Tigers' slugging third baseman is back in the mix -- he might have had a better overall season than his Triple Crown season of a year ago, the first since 1967. But the Angels' Trout is very much back in the mix, the man who pushed the conversation a year ago, and this year's superstar slugger of them all, the Orioles' Chris Davis."  It's going to be another year that Mike Trout doesn't win the A.L. MVP, but one day it will happen.  Oh yes, it will happen...
  • Especially if he keeps up with these amazing seasons, and keeps the same attitude: Angels outfielder Mike Trout finalist for AL Most Valuable Player Award -  "Trout, who turned 22 on Aug. 7, joined Willie Mays (1957-58) as the only players in history with two seasons with a .320 average, 25 homers and 30 steals at any point in their careers. Asked what he was most proud of this year, Trout said: "The runs -- scoring a lot of runs for the team. And the walks. I like walks. It makes me feel like I have more discipline this year, not swinging if I don't get my pitch."
  • His job application must have contained an entry for "grit".  As in "Grit is a family tradition".  Angels add former hitting coach Rick Eckstein to coaching staff -  "The Angels may have finished rounding out Mike Scioscia's coaching staff, coming to terms on an agreement with former Nationals hitting coach Rick Eckstein to serve as a hybrid seventh coach, an industry source confirmed Tuesday to The move is not official because Eckstein still has to complete the standard background check by Major League Baseball (obviously for grittiness), but could be announced as soon as Wednesday. News comes on the same day the Angels announced the hiring of former shortstop Gary DiSarcina as the new third-base coach and almost three weeks after former outfielder Don Baylor was brought on to be the hitting coach. Eckstein's task will basically be to spend pregame relaying spray charts, defensive alignments and pitcher-hitter matchups with the other coaches, then spend the in-game portion as somewhat of an advanced scout (and to tabulate each teams' grit-factor). The Rockies, Rays, Indians and Nationals are among the teams that employ coaches for similar roles."  Anyone else think the grit meme is over-played?  Yeah, sorry.
  • MLBTradeRumors has a ton of interesting posts that are informative and helpful throughout the offseason.  Here are two: Projected Arbitration Salaries For 2014 -  "Angels (8) Mark Trumbo - $4.7MM, Jerome Williams - $3.9MM, Tommy Hanson - $3.9MM, Ernesto Frieri - $3.4MM, Kevin Jepsen - $1.4MM, Juan Gutierrez - $1.1MM, Peter Bourjos - $1.1MM, Chris Nelson - $1MM".  2014 Top 50 Free Agents With Predictions -  "47.  Brian Wilson - Angels.  The Beard had a successful Tommy John comeback with the Dodgers, though it was still less than 20 innings including the postseason.  He's likely to sign a one-year deal.  The Angels are a potential match, as they could push Ernesto Frieri to a setup role."  I hope not.
  • Depending on which chemicals are circulating though my system, I am sometimes a stathead geek, while other times I'm a baseball romantic.  Today the meds have me loving the stats: Q&A: Alan Nathan on the Physics of Pitching - FanGraphs Baseball.  "What is the relationship between spin axis and the backup slider? Alan Nathan knows the answer. He also knows why fastballs move more than curveballs and why split-finger fastballs drop. A physics professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, Nathan is an expert not only on nuclear physics, he is the man behind The Physics of Baseball"
  • Don’t worry, Wil Myers is getting a haircut - HardballTalk
  • This article was on the screen when my 8 year-old walked up to get her hair brushed before leaving for school.  She said, "No one".  At first I didn't understand what she was talking about, but then realized she was giving her opinion on Braun.  When an 8 year-old Wisconsin girl says no one loves Ryan Braun, he's in trouble.  Who Loves Ryan Braun? -  "But right now, Braun’s media poison, especially in Milwaukee. A year ago today, Brewers GM Doug Melvin never would’ve considered trading his superstar. Now, however, Braun may very well be available to a team willing to part with a decent package of prospects."  How would 8 year-old California girls feel about Ryan Braun?
  • Interesting story...Evan Brunell enjoyed ride as Fenway datacaster - Worcester Telegram & Gazette.  "His role was roughly equivalent to a stadium's official scorekeeper, just catering to a significantly larger audience. Brunell's play-by-play and box scores are distributed by Major League Baseball online, on smart phones and television, and to its syndication partners, which include industry leader ESPN."  I'm thinking this would be a baseball fan's perfect part-time job.
  • Is she crazy, or Ca-Razeee, yo!  Anna Benson, estranged wife of ex-MLB pitcher, pleads guilty in assault - ESPN.  "A judge ordered Anna Benson to serve 15 years of probation and complete inpatient psychiatric treatment and follow-up care."  We hope for the later, but are sure it's the former.