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Mike Trout Wins 2013 AL Silver Slugger Award for OF

Some day his trophy case is going to make most museums look silly. It's still the early years, the ones played in an Angels uni, and today Mike Trout wins one of the three 2013 AL Silver Slugger Awards for Outfield.

Mike Trout and his Lethal Weapon!
Mike Trout and his Lethal Weapon!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today the MLB SIlver Slugger Awards were announced, and Mike Trout won yet another piece for his HoF career: the 2013 American League Silver Slugger Award for Outfield. Also named were Torii Hunter and Adam Jones

This season Trout, over 157 games, was .323 / .432 / .557 / .988. His OPS+, which led the league last year at 168, actually JUMPED this season to 179. 30 more At Bats and 33 more walks than in 2012, combined with 3 ewer strikeouts.

(UPDATE: how the hell did a Jay Bruce win out over Jayson Werth in the National League???)