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Guess Who? - Saturday, 11/09/2013

Guess Who? - Saturday 11/9. Can you identify these Halo pitchers? You can easily narrow it down to left hand versus right hand. None of the pics have been flipped.'s all in the legs!

Some guys swing their back leg, some sling it, some drag it, some squat over it, and some stick it. Some are lefties and some are righties. None of the pictures have been flipped, stretched, rotated or otherwise skewed, although they have been severely cropped.

Each picture is of a different pitcher. And the list of pitchers to be assigned is (in alphabetical order):

Joe Blanton, Sean Burnett, Robert Coello, Dane De La Rosa, Scott Downs, Ernesto Frieri, Tommy Hanson, Kevin Jepsen, Michael Kohn, Nick Maronde, Cory Rasmus, Garrett Richards, Michael Roth, Jason Vargas, Jered Weaver, Jerome Williams and C.J. Wilson.

Based exclusively on leg position and how they wear their pants, how many of these guys can you identify?