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Tuesday Halolinks: Mark Trumbo trade could be soon, Trout extension by next season?

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Interest in Angels' slugger Mark Trumbo may be heating up in Orlando, while a Mike Trout contract extension will have to wait until after opening day.

You talkin' 'bout me?
You talkin' 'bout me?
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

There were a few rumors coming out of Florida yesterday as baseball's Winter Meetings started in Orlando.  Although there were no "big" deals announced, there were plenty of interesting rumors, which hopefully mean interesting Halolinks:

  • Okay, sorry.  I opened by mentioning rumors from the Winter Meetings, and then start off with a non-Winter Meeting story.  But seriously, what's more important to the Angels than locking up Mike Trout to a long-term deal?  Trout contract talks could heat up around Opening Day -  "But the biggest reason for the time frame is that a Trout extension would greatly increase the Angels' Collective Balance Tax Payroll -- the average annual value of all 40-man-roster contracts, plus benefits -- and they're already only $15 million short of the luxury-tax threshold of $189 million. But if the deal is signed after Opening Day, Trout's contract would count for the 2015 CBT payroll, not '14, and Vernon Wells' contract will finally be off the books, creating significant wiggle room."  See?  All of you "sign Trout NOW!" banner wavers need to chill.  Jerry's got this all figured out.
  • It looks like Mark Trumbo's a goner.  Angels slugger Mark Trumbo draws attention at Day 1 of Winter Meetings -  "The 22-year-old Skaggs -- 5.43 ERA in 13 Major League starts the past two years -- may be too much of a risk to take on straight-up. And top prospect Archie Bradley is essentially considered untouchable. But Cahill has posted a 3.89 ERA while averaging 186 innings in his first five seasons and comes with up to four years of control -- making $19.7 million the next two years, with club options of $13 million and $13.5 million in 2016 and '17, respectively. Miley, whom the D-backs would seem less likely to give up, is still a year removed from arbitration and has gone 26-21 with a 3.44 ERA the last two years."  I just think it's weird that the club is going to trade Trumbo for a pitcher they used to have in the first place in Skaggs.  For those of you who haven't been following the Angels since, I don't know, last week,  Skaggs was part of the deal that brought Dan Haren to the Halos.  This means if the team trades Trumbo for Skaggs, the overall deal would be Trumbo, Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodriquez, and Patrick Corbin for Dan Haren.  Also, Jerry Dipoto would then have traded for Skaggs twice.  Odd.
    Here's a tweet:
  • Yeah, yeah, whatever.  Any Hall of Fame inductee announcement that doesn't include Bobby Grich and Marvin Miller is bullshit: Tony La Russa Bobby Cox, Joe Torre all unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame - HardballTalk.  "For the first time in a long time we have living, breathing inductees for the Hall of Fame. The Veteran’s Committee has elected Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa and Joe Torre. They will be inducted next summer in Cooperstown."  Bill Shaikin does a good job with this post regarding the Hall and its voting process: Opinion: Baseball's Hall of Fame needs to explain Marvin Miller's exclusion -  "In its voting for baseball's annual awards, including most valuable player and Cy Young, the Baseball Writers' Assn. of America reveals the ballot of every voter. The Hall of Fame controls this election, does not reveal any ballot, and demands that committee members keep their discussions and votes secret. End the secrecy. Hold the committee publicly accountable. If one of the giants in baseball history does not merit admission to the Hall of Fame, have the courage to tell us why not."
  • CBS does a good job aggregating all of the Winter Meeting news and rumors at this page: 2013 Winter Meetings: Monday's hot stove news, rumors roundup -  "Roy Halladay's retirement headlined a relatively slow Monday at the Winter Meetings."  And speaking of Roy Halladay: Roy Halladay retires as a Blue Jay -  "The long-time ace announced his retirement in a Blue Jays press conference Monday during the MLB Winter Meetings, in which he also announced he signed a one-day contract with Toronto, so he can retire as a Blue Jay."  I always think it's cool when a team and player do this sort of thing.
  • Yeah, but why can't the Angels at least hit on one of their signings? The Red Sox Way: Using free agency efficiently - Yahoo Sports.  ""Ben did a great job and the reason he did a great job is he signed the right players," Los Angeles Angels GM Jerry Dipoto said. "It's hard to sign seven players and hit on all of them, that just doesn't happen in this game. The Red Sox did a great job and everything fell into place for them."
  • Remember how great Torii Hunter was?  Well, that was then...Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: How Bad Was Torii Hunter's Defense in 2013?.  "Veteran right fielder Torii Hunter of the Tigers was last in MLB with -21 RSAA.  Hunter was bad on plays inside the zone (-10) and outside (-15).  He also was rated well below average on other advanced measures including -13 on Baseball Prospectus' FRAA, -9 on Total Zone and -10 or DRS. This was not what Tigers fans expected from a right fielder who was +11 RSAA for the Angels in 2012.  However, the results are probably not surprising to anyone who saw him play regularly this year."
  • Settle down, I know this is entirely a different sport, but for some reason I think this is really cool: Matt Prater Makes Longest Field Goal In NFL History.  "Broncos placekicker Matt Prater broke the record for the longest NFL field goal ever when he successfully completed a 64-yard attempt before halftime against the Titans."