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Tuesday Halolinks: Mike Trout could command $400M, Tanaka may be posted soon

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If Mike Trout were to sign an extension to stay with the Angels, the contract could be the largest in MLB history.

"I like to baste my turkeys for a little over 3 hours.  That makes them moist."
"I like to baste my turkeys for a little over 3 hours. That makes them moist."
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much Angels' related news going on in baseball at the moment, as iIt appears the Halo brain-trust have secluded themselves into the deep recesses of their bunker facility within Angels Stadium to plan their next steps.  Here's your 8 maids a-milking days before Christmas edition of Halolinks:

  • "Twelve years, $400,000,000". Is Mike Trout Worth $400 Million? - ESPN Video - ESPN. ESPN Video: Buster Olney discusses the possibility that Mike Trout could shatter records if he signs a long-term contract with the Angels.
  • The Americans and Japanese have finally agreed on how MLB is going to steal NPB players.  Okay, I admit it, that's unfair,  They're not stealing players.  The NPB has twenty million reasons to agree to this new system: MLB announces new agreement with Nippon Professional Baseball - ESPN.  "Under the rules of the three-year agreement announced Monday, a Japanese club may make players available between Nov. 1 and Feb. 1 and may set a price of up to $20 million. Starting with the day after a player is posted and continuing for 30 days, any big league team willing to pay the fee may attempt to sign the player. A major league team pays the posting fee only if it signs the player, and the fee is then payable in installments, with the timing dependent on the amount."  Now that the system has been agreed to, the biggest prize makes his intentions known: Masahiro Tanaka wants to move to MLB; Japanese team looks to keep him - ESPN.  "I informed my team that I would like them to allow me to test my abilities in Major League Baseball next season," Tanaka said at a news conference Tuesday after a meeting with Rakuten Eagles president Yozo Tachibana."  The next big issue is trying to figure out which team is going to sign him: Masahiro Tanaka gets consent from Japan to be posted for MLB after agreement on rules - Yahoo Sports.  "Considering their wealth and their need for another starting pitcher or two, or possibly three, the Yankees should be considered Tanaka favorites. The Chicago Cubs reportedly are interested too. Maybe the Dodgers. And the Seattle Mariners would make sense, given the money they have to spend and their links to Japan."  Hopefully the Angels get deeply involved in the negotiations.
  • I'd like to thank the LA Times for helping me get past my addictions to relevant news stories.  Without the imposed governor on their throttle that limits the number of articles I can read on their fine site (and in turn, limiting the amount of traffic I can direct to their site...meager as it might be), I can not read the referenced post.  LA Times Masahiro Tanaka article.  What will I do with all of the time (5 minutes) I've freed up by not being able to read their articles?
  • This is smart.  It looks like the White Sox front office has learned a thing or two from Billy Beane; Develop a big-league closer, and then trade him for something valuable: Diamondbacks acquire closer Reed from White Sox - Yahoo Sports.''I didn't think he'd be available, to be quite honest,'' Towers said. ''We weren't really focused on the back end of the bullpen, we didn't see, in my eyes at least, any direct match with them and through conversation they said would you be interested in our closer Addison Reed. Well, yes, with some of the issues we had in our bullpen.''  Closers would have to be one of the most volatile commodities within or two really great seasons that translate into a big pay-day, and then mediocre rest of career.  Of course, I'm not saying that happens to every young, hotshot closer that comes along, but it is a trend.  Addison Reed of Chicago White Sox traded to Arizona Diamondbacks for Matt Davidson - ESPN Chicago.  "Reed, 24, recorded 40 saves for the White Sox this past season, fifth-most in the American League and tied for fourth in franchise history. He had a 3.79 ERA with 72 strikeouts over 68 relief appearances. Over three seasons with the White Sox, the former third-round draft pick had 69 saves and 138 strikeouts over 136 appearances with a 4.17 ERA."  White Sox trade Addison Reed to Diamondbacks for Matt Davidson -  "Davidson, 22, is a former first rounder and has been ranked among Baseball America's top 100 prospects in each of the past three offseasons. In 115 games for Triple-A Reno last season, Davidson hit .280/.350/.481 with 32 doubles, 17 homers and 74 RBI. In 31 games for the D-Backs, he hit .237/.333/.434 with six doubles, three homers and 12 RBI."  This could be a brilliant plan for rebuilding teams.  Take 3 or four years of rebuilding, and in each of those years, play the hot-handed relief pitcher that can accumulate saves.  At the end of the season, deal that pitcher for top prospect.

    1. Identify potential closer.
    2. Accumulate saves
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!!!

  • See, even Jeff Sullivan over at FanGraphs like the move: DBacks Land Closer, Further Build White Sox Core - FanGraphs Baseball.  "At the end of the day, competitive teams need better bullpens, and rebuilding teams need better players. The Diamondbacks upgraded their bullpen. The White Sox upgraded their future."
  • Hey!  Who's that centerfielder putting up that massive RAA?  Walk Like a Sabermetrician: Hitting by Position, 2013.  "Angel outfielders led the AL in RAA, which of course is due to the great Mike Trout. Seattle’s offense is still bad, but the last two seasons have moved them past the laughingstock phase and into consistent organization deficiency status. Houston had only one above average position, but at least they have the excuse that they weren’t really trying; what can the Yankees say?"
  • Here's the latest "team wants/needs a new stadium" thingy: Oakland Athletics owner dislikes possible stadium site because of ‘toxic waste’- Yahoo Sports.  ""All I care about is getting a new home for the A's in the best possible circumstances - and under any circumstances, Howard Terminal would be as close to impossible as anything," Wolff said."  Someone please tell the A's owner that his team already plays in a toxic waste dump.  Pretty pictures:
  • But wait, it's not a waste dump, it's prime real estate! Oakland ballpark backers tout waterfront site - SFGate.  ""It's one of the two sites we promised Major League Baseball we would offer, and it will be available early next year," Quan told us Friday - the other being the current Coliseum site."  Another pretty picture:
  • If I were a major league general manager, I'd sign as many of these types of deals that I could.  What's the down-side?  The player doesn't work out, let him go.  He does well?  A nice situation for both the team and player: Indians Sign Shaun Marcum To Minor League Deal -  "The deal allows Marcum to opt out if he does not make the team out of spring training,'s Jordan Bastian tweets. If he makes the team, he would receive a $1M salary with $3MM in incentives."
  • Someone is predictiong Greg Maddux will be the only former player elected to the Hall of Fame this year.  I find that interesting since there are quite a few players who should get in on this year's ballot, but what I think is even more baffling is the percentage being forecast for Maddux; 94%.  If this is true, I can't wait to hear the excuses the writers who left him off of their ballots come up with: The 2014 Hall of Fame election forecast | Baseball: Past and Present.  "Greg Maddux (94) – The winningest right-hander of the past century, Maddux went 355-227 with four straight NL Cy Young Awards (1992-95).  He’ll make it to Cooperstown easily."
  • Angels sign Choo? Win off-season for the third year-in-a-row: Shin-Soo Choo market update - MLB Daily Dish.  "Texas Rangers: This is the most logical destination for Choo, since Texas has an obvious need for him and has money to spend. Texas clearly has interest in acquiring Choo, but right now it appears to be a matter of price."  It's all about the championships, baby!
  • Kewl: Famous home run ball signed by Babe Ruth to be auctioned - ESPN New York.  "The ball, which was sent by air mail to Sylvester's home in New Jersey from St. Louis, where the Yankees were playing in the World Series, was famously inscribed with the words "I'll knock a homer for Wednesday's game" by Ruth. " 
  • I want to marry this woman: Caps Fan Takes Puck To Face, Waits Until After OT To Get Stitches.  "Alicia Drummond took a puck to the face during yesterday's Flyers-Caps game and rather than get the medical attention she needed to sew up her head, she stuck it out and watched the rest of the game."
  • I really liked this video: