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Thursday Halolinks: Congrats to the Wilsons, more signings yesterday

Angels' pitcher C.J. Wilson got married over the weekend, the Angels gave him a new Ibanez as a wedding gift.

"Remember, give her the high hard one, but stay within your mechanics."
"Remember, give her the high hard one, but stay within your mechanics."
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another Thursday Halolinks.  Only 6 shopping days before Christmas!

  • Well, here's a first.  Not only am I linking to a Bleacher Report post, but it's leading off today's links.  I don't know if BR has gone through some sort of internal philosophy change, but this post isn't like the typical click-fest gallery post.  It actually has some good content that you don't have to click multiple times: Lisalla Montenegro and CJ Wilson Wedding: Attendees, Photos and Details - Bleacher Report.  "Congratulations and well-wishes are in order for the Los Angeles Angels' C.J. Wilson and his lovely bride, Brazillian model Lisalla Montenegro, who were married over the weekend."  Beautiful people creating beautiful moments.  Congratulations to the Wilsons.
  • I don't have a problem with yesterday's Raul Ibanez signing, it seems like a good, no-lose pickup for the club, but I had another player on my wishlist placed a little higher than Ibanez, and he ended up costing half as much: Marlins Sign Casey McGehee -  "McGehee, who spent last season playing in Japan, will reportedly earn a base salary of $1.1MM and has additional incentives in his deal contract."  Also higher on my list was Eric Chavez, who also signed yesterday: Diamondbacks re-sign Eric Chavez - MLB Daily Dish.  "The Arizona Diamondbacks and veteran third baseman Eric Chavez have agreed on an unspecified contract, according to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman. The six-time Gold Glove award winner and former All-Star spent all of 2013 with Arizona following a two year stint with the Yankees."
  • Another year, another increase in in annual salary: MLB average salary up 5.4 percent to $3.39 million - ESPN.  "Among regulars at positions, designated hitters took over from first basemen for the highest average at $10.5 million. First basemen were next at $6.5 million, followed by starting pitchers at $6.3 million, second basemen at $5.8 million, outfielders at $5.6 million, third basemen at $5.2 million, shortstops at $4.5 million, catchers at $4.4 million and relief pitchers at $2.2 million."
  • I wonder if an 8/144 deal will get it done?  Report: Shin-Soo Choo turned down seven-year offer from Yankees -  "According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, free agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo rejected a seven-year, $140 million contract offer from the Yankees not too long ago. The offer was made after the team signed Jacoby Ellsbury and once it was was declined, they moved on and signed Carlos Beltran."  Yeah, I know, Choo wouldn't fill any hole the Angels have, but imagine how well he'd fit into the Halo lineup.  Instead, it looks like he'll possibly be in Texas: Choo Turned Down Seven-Year Offer From Yankees -  "With Choo no longer a fit in New York, Boras will have to look elsewhere to try to top that $140MM figure. The Rangers are one team that has been said to be interested in Choo, but reports have indicated that they prefer him on a five-year deal. Beyond that, according to Passan's report, Texas has instead turned its focus to Masahiro Tanaka."  Here's an interesting point as well: Shin-Soo Choo Demands the World, Will Soon Get It - MLB Daily Dish.  "It doesn't hurt that Choo is not only the best remaining free agent this year, but he's the best free agent next season, too. If you're looking for an outfielder in 2015, you better hope you can land Brett Gardner, otherwise you'll be welcoming the 39-year-old Torii Hunter to the fold."
  • I seem to remember reading something about this guy last season: Ryan Madson attempting comeback; holding private workouts for teams -  "Madson, 33, has not pitched since 2011 due to Tommy John surgery and subsequent complications. He is one of the rare players who falls outside of the procedure's super-high success rate. The private workouts are intended to showcase his rehab progress."
  • The Mariners look like they're serious about the 2014 season: Report: Mariners remain interested in free agent Ervin Santana -  "As for the Mariners, they're obviously in "win now" mode, and they could use some rotation depth. In part that's because youngsters Taijuan Walker and James Paxton may not be ready to pitch to their potential right away. A front three of Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma and Santana, however, would be a pronounced strength. But would a Santana signing in essence eliminate the Mariners as a contender for Masahiro Tanaka, should he be posted this offseason?"
  • Here's a rundown of all of yesterday's transactions: Joaquin Benoit signing with Padres highlights active Wednesday in baseball - Yahoo Sports
  • I was wondering when this was going to blow-up: Atlanta’s tea party plans to sue to block construction of new Braves stadium - Yahoo Sports.  "The Cobb County Commission previously voted 4-1 to approve funding for the stadium. The stadium would be financed for 30 years through revenue bonds and would be paid back through a number of taxes to things like hotels and rental cars, plus a redistribution of existing property taxes. Local taxpayers had no say because no new taxes were created."  The way Cobb County went about this seemed a little sketchy, and although I don't align myself with Tea Party politics, I'm glad someone has stepped up to question the stadium build.  As pointed out by Reminder: the public paying for ballparks almost always turns into a hot mess - HardballTalk. New stadiums do not always add up to increased revenue for the surrounding community: Cincinnati Stadiums Bury County Government in Debt - Bloomberg.  "The tax relief hasn’t materialized as pledged, said Todd Portune, a commissioner in Cincinnati’s Hamilton County. Instead, the county government is grappling with annual stadium expenses totaling at least $43 million this year, including debt service, county documents show. Residents have seen a public hospital sold, mass-transit investments postponed and little private development near the stadiums that didn’t involve additional public subsidies, Portune said. "It’s an albatross that hangs around our necks," said Portune, who has dealt with the cost for almost 13 years in office. "Every year it forces us to either come up with more revenue or take away from spending for other things the county needs."
  • The above story makes this one a little better -- someone is willing to use their own money to finance a new stadium: Report: Golden State Warriors owners interested in buying A’s, funding waterfront ballpark - Yahoo Sports.  "There's no reason to believe Wolff will budge, but he can no longer say an option in Oakland doesn't exist. That changes the game to some degree, but it's becoming increasingly clear the A's best chance for a new, up-to-standard ballpark will come with new ownership that's willing to put money back in the team."  Now all they need is for Lew Wolff to go away (and take Jeffery Loria with him).
  • Have you got a half hour to waste?  Here's a good place to spend it: Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Killed 509 People. Here They All Are. "From his first appearance in 1969's Hercules in New York to the present day, Arnold Schwarzenegger has killed 509 people/animals/things on the silver screen. And you can see every last one in this video."
  • Awhile back I linked to a post featuring some crazy-shit Russian dash cam shots.  Here are some more: 25 Craziest Russian Dash Cam GIFs - Complex.  "What are the craziest Dash Cam GIFs from Russia?"