There is almost nothing about this April '91 SI article that isn't horribly wrong


1) "Here Come The Halos" -- nope, they would finish last. 2) "The California Angels are blessed with enough talent to overcome Oakland" -- Note that the author knew that Luis Sojo, Junior Felix, and Dave Parker would be part of the starting lineup. 3) "Four teams—California, Oakland, Kansas City and Chicago—could win 95 games" -- only 1 team did, and it was Minnesota. 4) "Someone must finish sixth. The Texas Rangers will be the best team in the history of division play to finish that low" -- they finished 3rd. 5) " And someone must finish last. That honor will go to the Minnesota Twins, despite their near-.500 finish" -- they won the World Series. 6) "So, here are 10 reasons why the Angels will win the West" -- the Angels came in last. 7) "8. Rader, Winfield and Dave Parker will teach new centerfielder Junior Felix the proper way to play and act" -- I just, I mean, wow. 8) "Dave Gallagher could become the first outfielder in history to play 162 games in a season without starting any of them" -- he played 87, and started 73. 9) "Rader is rid of three guys he absolutely hated to play: centerfielder Devon White, rightfielder Dante Bichette and second baseman Johnny Ray" -- congratulations, Doug Rader, you just traded away 3 future WS wrings and several hundred home runs! 10) "[Dave Parker] will lead. He will hit. 'He's a man,' says Rader" -- Parker hit .232/.279/.358.

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