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Devon White - Top 100 Angels #38

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One of the greatest defensive centerfielders in Angels history, Devon White got an undeserved reputation as a malingerer and was traded way too early (and for way too little) and happily went on to bigger and better things beyond a franchise mired in perpetual transition. Born in Jamaica, Devo was drafted out of Park West high school in Manhattan in the 6th round of the 1981 draft.

Decades are arbitrary barriers. If the decade of 1987 to 97 is considered, Devon White was the Centerfielder of the Decade. In 1987 the defensive measurement Total Fielding Runs Above Average had him saving 27 runs with his defense. Some players play a decade or more with fine stats in the outfield, are never seen as a liability and never save that many. His 2.7 Defensive Wins Above Replacement in 1987 is the sixth best by an Angels player in a single season ever and his 6.8 dWAR as a Halo is the eighth best mark in club history. His Power-Speed Number of 27.4 in 1987 is the fourth best ever by an Angel, behind Mike Trout's 2012 and '13 and Bobby Bonds 1977 season. His 123 Stolen Bases rank seventh in club history.

Devo played four complete seasons after two years of coming up for a quick taste of major league life in 1985 and '86. He was traded to Toronto after the 1990 seasons and thrived there - winning two world series rings along with a third with the Florida Marlins in 1997. Meanwhile the Angels got Luis Sojo and Junior Felix for him from the Blue Jays. Not the club' smartest move, proudest moment or anything to ever brag about.