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Thursday Halolinks: How will posting changes affect Angels?

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It seems like the NPB posting changes are almost set. How will it affect the Angels off-season?

Chung Sung-Jun

Are the Angels waiting to see how all of this NPB posting systems changes pan out before jumping into the free agent pitcher market?  That's the first of today's Halolinks:

  • It seems like the changes to the posting system is close to being resolved, although what those changes are is still unknown.  MLB, NPB appear to be closing in on posting system agreement -  "Some reports -- such as from Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times -- indicate that if multiple teams bid the max $20M posting fee, the player would then get to negotiate with only the teams that bid the max. So if, say, seven teams bid $20 million for the right to negotiate with ace pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, those seven would get to negotiate a contract with Tanaka and he'd ultimately get to decide with whom he signed. The team that was able to sign him would then pay Tanaka's NPB team (the Rakuten Golden Eagles) $20 million while the other six wouldn't have to pay a dime."  This system seems to make sense, while the one based on a team's win-loss record would give a huge advantage to weaker teams. "On the other hand, there is another report floating around that if multiple teams bid the maximum posting fee amount that the team with the lowest winning percentage from the previous season would get to exclusively negotiate with the player in question."  If the Angels make the max bid, and are one of the teams with negotiating right, you would think they'd have at least a decent chance of signing the best available free agent pitcher.
  • Within this post it is mentioned the Angels are a possible trading partner with the Rays for David Price.  I seriously doubt it, especially after reading this bit: Sources: Mariners, Dodgers amongst possible destinations for Rays' David Price - Yahoo Sports.  "Because they have few apparent weaknesses, Tampa Bay is expected to enter negotiations without targeting a specific position, though officials believe they'll want at least one major league-ready pitcher to join a rotation with Alex Cobb, Matt Moore, Chris Archer and Jeremy Hellickson."  Unless the club is willing to include Garrett Richards in the deal, they don't have the necessary pieces to acquire Price.
  • Just because a pitcher may be available doesn't mean the Angels cna get him: Cubs are planning to shop starter Jeff Samardzija at next week’s MLB Winter Meetings - HardballTalk.  "ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick is hearing that the Chicago front office plans to "do some serious listening" on the 28-year-old right-hander at next week’s Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida. The Diamondbacks, Blue Jays and Angels are among the teams that have been floated as potential suitors this offseason."  Other than Mike Trout, the Halos have nothing the Cubs want.  They are a couple of years away from contending, so they don't want a player like Howie Kendrick, and the Angels lack the prospects to include in a deal for a player such as Samardzija.
  • Hey, at least they made an effort:
  • With all of the trade-talk coming in the next week, Grantland has once again ranked the players according to their perceived value: MLB Trade Value Rankings, Part 1 - Grantland.  "Pretend every team started shopping every player as a trade candidate. Who would attract the biggest return from any one of the other 29 clubs?"
  • Although none of the seven trades include the Angels, but it's still worth the read: The Lineup Card: Seven Trade Ideas for the Winter Meetings - Baseball Prospectus.  "The staff comes up with possible barters to help keep the already-sizzling Hot Stove warm through next week."
  • I hate to say it, but I'm jealous...Other teams spend big on free agents, but Athletics make wise moves with limited budget -  "In four moves over two days, the A's signed pitcher Scott Kazmir for $22 million and made three trades with this net result: acquired closer Jim Johnson, setup man Luke Gregerson, swingman Josh Lindblom, and outfielder Craig Gentry; traded away outfielder Seth Smith, second baseman Jemile Weeks and prospect Chris Bostick. List all those names together, and it looks like a heist. Baseball is swimming in cash, so the A's can afford to increase their payroll — not to the point of adding an Ellsbury, but at least to the point of making a good team better."
  • If this keeps up, the Angels will have more coaches than players: Angels hire Dave Hansen as as an assistant hitting coach -  "The 45-year-old Southern California product joins Baylor, Gary DiSarcina (third-base coach) and Rick Eckstein (Major League player information coach) as offseason additions, with Dino Ebel getting promoted from third base to the bench, Jim Eppard getting reassigned as a second Minor League hitting coordinator and Rob Picciolo getting dismissed from his post as bench coach."  And yet, a team with poor pitching results have not added/changed those who are charged with the team's pitching staff.
  • If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle: David Freese for Peter Bourjos: Wait and See - Yahoo Sports.  "If Freese can stay healthy in 2014, and Albert Pujols can stay healthy, and Josh Hamilton isn't so beleaguered, then the middle of that Angels' lineup has shades of the 2011 World Series, in which, incidentally, Freese was the Most Valuable Player after going 8-for-23 (.348) with five walks and seven RBIs. Throw in Mark Trumbo, and the middle of that Angels' lineup could be as formidable as any. And we haven't even mentioned Mike Trout."
  • Here are a couple links to Deadspin, the first is a pretty interesting story, with this life-lesson tidbit, "So mostly it was dumb luck. I'm not sure what all the lessons are. But obviously the first one is you show up and see what happens."  How A Reporter Eavesdropped On Barry Bonds's Grand Jury Testimony.  "Ten years ago today, Barry Bonds testified before a grand jury investigating BALCO that he did not know the substances he was taking were illegal steroids. It was that claim which would lead to Bonds being indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, and convicted of the latter. The testimony was supposed to be private, but in a coup, the New York Daily News had the story the next morning. Now we know how the Daily News got it."
  • The second link details how they are going to handle their bought Hall of Fame vote: Deadspin Announces Process By Which Readers Will Vote For Hall Of Fame.  "From tomorrow until 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 29, members of the public will be able to vote yes or no on every one of the 36 candidates on the ballot. They will be able to vote for or against as many or as few candidates as they like. Every candidate who secures a majority will land a spot on our ballot, unless there are more candidates who clear 50 percent than there are spots on the ballot—inexplicably, the Hall of Fame ballot only allows the voter to choose 10 players—in which case we'll vote for the candidates with the highest percentages, with total yes votes as a tiebreaker."