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I’m sure you all heard this many times but exactly what would it take to lock our 22 year old superstar long term. Trout, who had the greatest first 2 years in Major League Baseball history, won’t become a free agent until after the 2017 season but will be eligible for arbitration after this upcoming season. If the Angels are smart they would lock him up now. This article isn’t about how great Trout is because anybody who knows anything about baseball already knows how great he is. Instead I want to write about a possible Mike Trout extension. I know almost every baseball writer has written about a Trout extension (including Andrew Ball of SB Nation- Beyond the Box Score) but Andrew did it during last season which was before Tuesday’s free agency’ splurge. Just like Andrew Ball; I’m going to simulate a contract extension discussion between Jerry Dipoto and Mike Trout’s agent Craig Landis. But instead of a phone conversation, it’ll be face to face and this time Mike Trout will be present. So without any further ado here we go.

*Trout, Landis, and Dipoto all sit down*

Jerry: Ok guys, I know I said I didn’t want to have any contract extension talks until after next season when Vernon Wells deal is up but after I talked to Arte Moreno we both agreed that signing you to a long term extension is worth going over the luxury tax. So I say let’s try to get a contract extension done tonight.

Landis: Sounds great to me, what did you have in mind?

Jerry: Well our last offer was 8 years 155 million with club options for 30 million so why not start there. That seems like a fair deal. If the option is picked up the deal is 9 years and 185 million. With that deal you can get the 10th biggest contract in MLB history and still become a Free Agent at 31 years old and can sign another 200 plus million contract. The deal would look like this.

2014- 2 million

2015- 13 million (first arbitration year)

2016- 15 million

2017- 19 million

2018- 25 million (first free agent year)

2019- 26 million

2020- 27 million

2021- 28 million

2022- 30 million (club option)

Trout: Well that sounds really great but I've already said I don’t want any team options and there’s no chance in hell I’m taking less than what Albert got. I’m not going to take 185 million over 9 years while Albert got 240 over 10 especially with everything I've done for the franchise. And 13, 15, and 19 million from 2015-2017? C'mon Jerry, you know I can get that in arbitration easily then sign a 350+ million contract elsewhere.

Landis: Plus 2 million in 2014? That would make Mike the 14th highest paid player on the team for that year. If we’re going to get anywhere, Mike needs at least 15+ million for 2014. Plus Mike is very concerned about the moves you and arte have made and doesn't want to play on a losing team for very long.

Trout: Yea and I’m not a big fan of 8+ year deals unless there’s an opt out deal somewhere in there.

Landis: so here’s our counter offer. 6 years 190 million with a PLAYER option for 32 million that could make it 222 million over 7 years. Here’s how it would look.

2014- 19 million

2015- 33 million (first arbitration year)

2016- 33 million

2017- 31 million

2018- 37 million (first free agent year)

2019- 37 million

2020- 32 million (player option)

Jerry: 30+ million a year for potentially 6 straight years? No doubt Mike’s a great player and we love him but that’s just outrageous. Especially with his defense taking a step back and his speed going down a bit.

Landis: Regardless of that Mike was the best player in baseball for 2 straight years and will be the best for the next 15 years and if you don’t want to pay him 30+ million a year then he can just play out arbitration years where he’ll break records for each arbitration year then sign a 350 million contract somewhere else.

Trout: Plus my defense went down only because you guys keep moving me from CF to LF over and over again. With Peter gone and myself being the everyday CF, I should be one of the 3 best defensive players in the AL. Unless over course you pay 150 million to Shin-Soo Choo and have him play CF.

Jerry: And what about a hometown discount? We drafted you, developed you, and gave you a shot when 21 other teams passed you up; shouldn't that come into play?

Landis: Absolutely not! After last year’s outrageous 20,000 raise after Mike’s historic year and forcing him to play left-field when you know he prefers center-field.

Trout: And you never drafted me; Eddie Bane drafted me and Arte fired him because of that. There’s no chance I’m taking a pay cut.

Jerry: OK fair enough, I didn't call you guys today so we can argue all day I want to keep you here in Anaheim for all long time so here’s what I’m going to do. If you reconsider the team option I requested we’ll bump up your yearly salary significantly. How about an 8 year 185 million. With 2 club options for 26 and 22 million that could push it to 10 years 233 million with an 18 million buyout after the 2020 season. Here’s how it would look:

2014- 12 million

2015- 16 million (first arbitration year)

2016- 22 million

2017- 25 million

2018- 25 million (first free agent year)

2019- 26 million

2020- 29 million

2021- 30 million

2022- 26 million (club option)

2023- 22 million (club option)

Jerry: Not only would that set you for life if you were to have a career ending injury, it would let you become a free agent at 32 years with a chance to sign another 200+ million contract.

Trout: We’re getting there but 2 years of club options is too much, I’m not happy with the idea of the team dictating whether I can become a free agent that season or not. But if I am going to agree to a club option it has to be 1 year and the contract has to be higher.

Landis: And like we said early, Mike doesn't really like the 10 year deals unless he has an opt out deal somewhere in there. So how about a 7 year 182 million deal with an opt out deal after 4 years and a full no-trade clause and 1 club option for 29 million. Here’s how the deal would look like:

2014- 10 million

2015- 20 million (first arbitration year)

2016- 29 million

2017- 30 million

2018- 30 million (first free agent year)

2019- 31 million

2020- 32 million

2021- 29 million (club option)

Trout: That sounds fair to me.

Jerry: 79 million in the arbitration years? Don’t you think that’s a bit much Craig?

Landis: Absolutely not. Regardless of whether it’s his arbitration years, Mike is the best player in baseball at only 22 years old and is only going to get better and he’s not signing a contract that doesn’t pay him like one.

Trout: Believe me Jerry, if you don’t want to sign me up now. I have no problem living off my endorsements and waiting for free agency and sign a 300+ million dollars contract.

Jerry: I didn't bring you guys here for nothing; I want to keep you here. It seems like we’re getting close to a deal so here’s my final contract offer. 8 years 215 with a 27 million club option that could push it to 242 million and a 10 million buyout after the 2019 season.

Signing Bonus: 11 million

2014- 12 million

2015- 20 million (first arbitration year)

2016- 22 million

2017- 26 million

2018- 29 million (first free agent year)

2019- 30 million

2020- 33 million

2021- 32 million

2022- 27 million (club option)

Jerry: How about that? We got our club option and get 5 free agent years and Mike gets financial security and still gets to hit the free agent market at 31 to get another big contract.

Trout: Give us a minute

*Trout and Landis whisper to each other for a couple minutes*

Landis: Include a full no-trade cause and an opt out deal after the 2020 season and you got yourself a deal.

Jerry: Sounds great! I’ll have our department write out the contract and we can sign it tomorrow and have a news conference in about 2 days.

*Jerry and Landis handshake*

*Jerry gives Trout a big hug*

Well there you go. Comment down below what you think of this conversation. Is 8 years 215 million enough to sign up Mike Trout long term. Is it too much, too little, or just right; and answer the question everyone wants to know. What would it take to sign Mike Trout long term?

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