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Clyde Wright - Top 100 Angels #55

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This is the FOURTH Halos Heaven offseason Top Angels list we have compiled. We did a Top 100 Angels list after the 2005 season (LINK) and another one after the 2008 season (LINK) and we published a book after 2010, the fiftieth season of Angels baseball (LINK) of the Top 50 Angels of the first 50 seasons. With analytics being radically more sophisticated, look for this offseason's list to measure advanced metrics and traditional stats balanced with where a player rests in the hearts of every Halo Fan.



We ranked Clyde #52 on our Top 100 Angels list compiled after the 2005 season (LINK) and #32 on our list published after the 2008 season.

Pitcher Clyde Wright was called up to the majors after less than a year in the minors, hung around on the periphery for a few seasons, got waived by the team but stayed as nobody in baseball picked him up. A season in winterball learning the changeup made all the difference and he was elected comeback player of the year in 1970. His 22 wins that season is the most by any Angels pitcher in a single season. After that all-star campaign he kept it together in a slow drift back to being league average, at which point the Angels traded him after the 1973 season.

A throwback to the era of the four-man rotation, he started 39 games in 1970 and 37 in 1971. It was also the time before bullpen usage was solidified as the norm for the sport, Wright tossed 51 complete games for the club.

His biggest moment with the team was pitching a no-hitter at home, the first ever at Anaheim Stadium, on July 3, 1970. he played in eight seasons with the Angels and is one of nine Halos to throw over 1,400 innings for the team and his 1,403 IP was the most of any Halo pitcher ever at the time he was traded. His 571 strikeouts are the 20th most in club history. His 3.28 ERA is the tenth best by any Angels pitcher with more than 500 Innings Pitched. His 87 Wins with the team are the ninth most by any Angels pitcher.

He still makes his home in Orange County, hits all the team-affiliated gold tournaments and ran Clyde Wright's BBQ at the stadium. AM-830 Angel Talk radio host Jason Brennan described Clyde and his golf game to me this way:

Clyde Wright makes every putt within 10 feet despite looking like he's lined up at least a foot to the right or left. He scores remarkably well for a guy who is average at all aspects of the game. To use a pitching cliché he's crafty. I never have more fun than when I play with Clyde. It's 4 hours of dirty jokes and talking smack.

...and he is a Top 100 Angel.