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Robinson Cano signs with Mariners, ties Albert Pujols' deal

The American League West just got a little more fat.. and not because of Prince Fielder. Because Robinson Cano is heading to Seattle.

Jonathan Daniel

Former New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano has signed a massive deal with the Seattle Mariners, according to ESPN Deportes' Enrique Rojas. How much money did the Mariners just write a check for? 10 years, $240 million. Yes, the same amount that the Angels spent on Albert Pujols! Cano, not satisfied with the Yankees unwillingness to go 10 years, is heading to the Pacific Northwest to join just about no other start in the M's lineup.

This contract is nothing new for the division. Prince Fielder's contract with the Rangers, that originated with the Tigers, totals $214 million after 9 years starting in 2012. Elvis Andrus, also in Texas, has a $120 million contract across 8 years that he signed prior to Opening Day in 2013. Then of course there's Josh Hamilton who signed a 5 year deal with the Halos that set them back $125 million. Including Cano and Pujols' deals, the American League West has more than $900 million locked up in five players.

If Mike Trout gets an extension from the Angels, just how much will it be worth?

Source: ESPN Deportes