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Mariners Dysfunctional Front Office Exposed

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Imagine that things might be like this in Anaheim...

"He Say One and One and One is Two"
"He Say One and One and One is Two"
Otto Greule Jr

The Seattle Times has a report of how deeply dysfunctional the entire top of the Mariners front office has become.

The article reads like juicy gossip but it paints a clear picture of why the M's are just a terrible team.

CLICK THIS LINK but don't laugh too hard... a lot of the accusations, intrigue and personality clashes are probably going on down at 2000 Gene Autry Way.

I can't imagine any of the officially-sanctioned Southern California baseball media ever digging this deep on a story of why the fans are being denied, let alone writing an article this long, this detailed or using this many named and unnamed sources.

So when you wonder why Jerry DiPoto has yet to make a stat-savvy acquisition or your B.S.-meter winces when the official line that Jer-Jer Binks and Jaba Scioscia are buddy-buddy, remember this Seattle Times piece that pulls back the curtain on the arrogant pettiness the men at the top engage in. The unseen men at the fringes could be just as meddling with the Angels... and when you consider the now-half-decade decline that club has suffered through... oh well, read it and wonder...