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#23-25 Combined Angels Prospect Rankings

Culling the wisdom of a very small crowd by combining the fourteen available Angels' Prospect Rankings.


25) Natanael Delgado, 16, OF

RGhan's Ranking: 3rd

Other Interesting Rankings: Baseball Prospectus' "prospect on the rise"

Money Quote: Baseball Prospectus

A low-six figure Dominican signee, Delgado turned heads in his stateside instructional league appearance, and looks to start next season in the AZL. It's very early in the process, but Delgado projects to hit for both average and power with an eventual corner defensive profile.

2012 Performance: No pro data. But check out the video:

Win-the-Lottery-Ceiling: Outside of Kaleb Cowart, Delgado is the only position prospect in the system who projects as a potential above-average, big-league regular. Comps thrown out on the internet so far are Alfonso Soriano (link here) and Curtis Granderson (link here). Those sound a bit ridiculous given his so-so reported running times and good-but-not elite arm strength (I'm not trying to start a hype machine here). The tool package sounds more like a left-handed swinging Randal Grichuk with perhaps more polish, which would make him a very valuable ball player. He'll likely start in Arizona this year, but may head to Orem instead with Jose Rondon, Sandy Martinez, and a hodgepodge of DSL power arms to form a young Latin American cohort.

24) Alfonso Alcantara, 19, rhsp

Rghan's Ranking: 13th

Other Interesting Rankings: Baseball America, 18th

Money Quote: Evan Drellich,

[Angels' Projected] Pitcher of the Year: Alfonso Alcantara

Right-hander Alfonso Alcantara has high-90s velocity. He'll be debuting in the U.S. this year after a dominant showing in the Dominican Summer League. That dominance should translate at the lower levels of the Minors.

2012 Performance: 1.2 WAR, +2 runs saved. 77.2 IP, 2.32 ERA, 53 hits, 82 K/45 BB, 58% GB rate.

Win-the-Lottery-Ceiling: Allegedly topped at 100 mph (BA Prospect Handbook) in instructs stateside last fall. He combines K's, groundballs, and walks. That sounds a lot like Fabio Martinez Mesa to me, which is obviously a risky prospect, but sometimes those guys turn into dominant major leaguers.

23) Steven Geltz, 24, rhrp

Rghan's Ranking: 22nd Other Interesting Rankings: 22nd Top Performance on the Farm System

Money Quote: Rghan

Geltz' best pitch is a lively low 90's FB that he spots up in the zone with "rising action." Not only can he get guys to chase for swinging strikes, but it also helps him get a lot of weak contact in the air, and he led the Texas League, Pacific Coast League and American League with a 20.4% combined infield fly percentage according to All of those pop-ups mean a very low BABIP, so he doesn't need to just fan people to be effective. He does, however, have to avoid the homerun, and it's unclear how successful he'll be living up in the zone against major leaguers.

2012 Performance: 2.1 WAR, +12 runs saved. 59 IP, 3.05 ERA, 42 hits, 70 K/20 BB

Win-the-Lottery-Ceiling: A competent sixth inning option, who can come in and get that crucial K or pop-up to bail a flagging starter out of trouble (the kind of guy that the Halos' farm raised by the bushel in the early 2000's).