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Albert Pujols Homering But Not Running

Courtesy runners allow Angels Slugger to get in his ABs but there is this thing called the regular season looming...

See Albert Run?
See Albert Run?

First the good news: Albert Pujols has hit home runs in two straight Spring Training games.

And now the bad news: The Angels have been able to keep Albert in the lineup due only to the largesse of opposing managers allowing for the "courtesy runner", a Spring Training formality that harkens back to the game's gentlemanly nineteenth century roots.

Albert had a knee procedure after the 2012 season. It has been described as a mild scoping but the only thing mild about it seems to be the way that Pujols moves.

Opening day is three weeks from Monday. Is it time worry? No. Is it time to speculate? of course!

Since a Pujols injury would have the same effect on Orange County as a terrorist attack, let's use the color-coded terror scale of yesteryear to describe the impact of An Albert that cannot run.

BLUE (No Threat) - His "no problema" demeanor in Spring interviews with the press is accurate - he will be fine, he only needs a few games to get into gear and going.

GREEN (Something's Brewing) - He is a little achy and will have to DH most of April as he heals.

YELLOW (Some Bad Here) - He is a LOT achy and we are looking at the team's DH for the next nine seasons.

ORANGE (More Bad Piles On) - Realize that regular DHing of Josh Hamilton was a core part of the logic of his contract and now see a bajillion dollar bench of aging, gimpier Anaheim.

RED (End of The World) - That asteroid that hit Russia was just the opening act.