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Is Scott Kazmir Return a Mike Butcher Indictment?

The saddest pitching flop in recent Angels history rebounds... what does this say about our pitching coach?

I thought #42 was retired...
I thought #42 was retired...
Mike Stobe

The spectacle of pitcher Scott Kazmir facing Vernon Wells was a manifestation of the negative sublime.

It was the two biggest flops in recent Angels history (and you know Gary Matthews Jr. has got to be thrilled that we all just forgot him) facing off against each other, Kazmir on a remarkable comeback trail, Wells already announcing his Post-2014 retirement $42 million from now.

Wells struck out, of course.

Meanwhile, there have been no sightings of Tony Reagins at his preferred Placentia 7-11 that one can assume that the former General Manager and current "special assistant to (chairman) Dennis Kuhl" was in Tempe this afternoon and hopefully he was forced to watch the whole thing take place.

One person who also had to watch was Halo pitching coach Mike Butcher, and you have to wonder if Kazmir's comeback - undertaken exclusively away from Butcher - was a journey to fix that which the Butcher of Anaheim might have tinkered with. Kaz was good as a member of the Rays and bad as member of the Angels. You want stats to back that up? Tough, they needn't be posted Kazmir was so terrible when he was here.

Perhaps it will take another grand "adjustment" to blow up in his face for everyone in management to see that the Butcher needs to be given a duller knife with which to ply his trade, or better yet, a different slaughterhouse from which to do his carving.

UPDATE: A Twitter user connects even more dots...