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Wednesday Halolinks: C.J. Wilson Likes His Stuff, So Does FanGraphs

C.J. Wilson is feeling good about the 2013 season, even when he just falls out of bed.


The club took their first day-off since Spring Training started last month, so the team specific links are somewhat sparse, but we still have Halolinks coming at ya:

I'm starting to like C.J. Wilson a little more each time I read something he's said: Wilson likes how his stuff feels in intrasquad game - "That's the fun part," Wilson said. "You can roll out of bed and throw 30 to 40 pitches if you're a starting pitcher. It's not that hard. But once you get to 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, that's when you have to start making adjustments throughout the game. And as your body gets a little tired or your stuff degrades and it's not as sharp, then other pitches might actually get better -- like the changeup might get better, the curveball might get better -- just with repetition and feel."

Although this post is about David Price, it contained this ranking...David Price shocks the world. - Baseball Nation. "And looking at the last couple of seasons, I'm perfectly comfortable with this ranking:
1. Justin Verlander
2. CC Sabathia
3. Clayton Kershaw
4. Felix Hernandez
5. David Price

With Cliff Lee and Stephen Strasburg having decent cases for that fifth slot, probably." Maybe because I see almost every one of Jered Weaver's starts I thought he should be somewhere on that list. Neyer used this leaderboard in figuring his rankings, so I went there to see where Weaver was: Major League Leaderboards " 2012 " Pitchers " Dashboard - FanGraphs Baseball. And there he was, all the way down at 13th. Now I realize I watch all of the games through the tainted eyes of a fan, but that just doesn't seem right...Jered Weaver is only the 13th best pitcher in baseball? Upon closer examination of the list, just to see who FanGraphs thought was better than the best pitcher on my favorite team, at position 12 was; C.J. Wilson. Heck, Weaver wasn't even the best pitcher on his team! But you know what? I didn't feel too bad. Besides the Giants, the Angels were the only team to have two pitchers in the top 13. And I really like C.J. Wilson.

We touched on this last week, but when reading through this post, this tid-bit caught my attention: For some, Angels' dynamic pricing a ticket to confusion - The Orange County Register. "Meanwhile, the ticket resale program, or ticket exchange, which launched a week later, also has raised some concerns. Most notably, the team is openly monitoring who season-seat holders send their tickets to, in an attempt to cut down on reselling through competing sites. Fans who purchased season tickets will be allowed to electronically deliver only a "limited number" of tickets through StubHub or alternate sites, according to Alvarado, who declined to reveal an exact number." Unless a season ticket is like software, you don't really own it, but rather you are licensing it, shouldn't you have the option of doing what you want with the tickets they've paid for? Okay, I get it. I can do whatever I want with the tickets, but the Angels aren't going to "help" me sell them on the secondary market unless I use their approved method. That's just dumb. Also, I don't think the fact that this Angels' rep quoted in the story won't divulge the exact amount of tickets you can sell outside of their system. I just think he doesn't know, or the club hasn't made up their minds yet.

The Angels win the pennant! The Angels win the pennant! You know somewhere, sitting at his Selectric typewriter (he's progressive, just not THAT progressive), some old newspaper hack is pounding out a story with the words, "Now we don't have to actually play the games!" The Prediction Machine says … Los Angeles Angels most likely to win the World Series - Yahoo! Sports. "The Prediction Machine ranks The Los Angeles Angels, with the towering trio of Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout, as the top team in baseball. In Prediction Machine's calculations, the Angels won the World Series 12% of the time. Both the Washington Nationals and the Detroit Tigers won 10% of the forecasts while the Cincinnati Red won 9% of the time."

Come on, Hank! Stop trying to live up to the Mathis-Standard. Conger finding release point key to success - The Orange County Register. ""The worst thing you could really do is be timid," Conger said a day later. "Obviously the day didn't go as planned, but the only way you're gonna get out of it is just by throwing more." After Sunday's debacle, Conger took a day off and then returned Tuesday to catch C.J. Wilson in an intrasquad game. Two innings in, a minor-leaguer attempted to steal second on him and Conger promptly delivered a strike for an out."

Someday, after I win the lottery, I'm going to travel around the United States in a really nice RV (because, you know, I rich and all) visiting old (and new) ballparks. Wait, check that. I'm going to drive around the U.S. in a Porsche and sleep in really nice hotels right next to old (and new) ballparks. Greetings from America's Oldest Ballpark - Baseball Nation. "A few years ago, my road trip from New Orleans to Atlanta took me right past Birmingham's Rickwood Field, billed as "America's Oldest Ballpark". So of course we stopped, took a bunch of pictures and were even able to have a good catch (if not for long, because it was like, Africa hot that afternoon)."

Yay! Can SABR Save the Gold Glove Awards? - Beyond the Box Score. "At the 2nd annual SABR Analytics Conference held in Phoenix Arizona, the society, along with Rawlings, announced that the manner in which these awards are given out will undergo a much needed makeover. Suffice it to say, that when Derek Jeter wins 5 gold gloves, or when Rafael Palmeiro wins the award after playing only 28 games in the field in 1999, the system needs to change."

What's worse than looking like a douchey, entitled millionaire baseball player, trying to buy an expensive baseball card? (click the link to read the dialogue) D-Backs Reliever Attempts To Buy Baseball Card, Gets In Testy Spat With Seller. "From this point, things escalate in a hurry. The two continue to go back and forth while transitioning from basic internet sniping to I-don-think-you-know-who-you're-dealing-with invective. It's stupid and delightful"

This is worse, getting hit in the nuts and then having it on the front page of the New York Post: ‘Numbnuts!’: Jordany Valdespin decked in headline by New York Post - Yahoo! Sports