Bold Predictions - Angels 2013 season


Before the Angels season, Sam Miller (when he was with the OCR) used to do a blog post asking for five "bold predictions" for the upcoming season. In the process, he gave his bold predictions for the Angels for that season. Being the good reporter that he is, he often engaged those who posted their own Angels predictions in the blog comment thread.

I liked that feature and given that Sam is no longer with the OCR, I thought it would be cool to do a bold prediction post here. To clarify, five predictions of the bold variety. For example, predicting Trout wins the MVP isn't a bold prediction because it is very possible he wins it given he was a close second last season. Predicting Trout hits 40+ home runs would be a bold prediction.

To start here are my five predictions:

1. The Angels will score the same amount of runs (give or take 10) as they did in 2012.

2. Peter Bourjos will hit more home runs than Howard Kendrick.

3. Of the three major starting pitching acquisitions the Angels made in the offseason, only Joe Blanton will still be in the rotation at the end of the season.

4. Hank Conger will start 80+ games at catcher.

5. But most of them will not be for the Angels.

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