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Happy Birthday Halos Heaven

March 22, 2005 - no present day Angels fan site or blog can claim a post before this date except this one.

This is every one of us posting
This is every one of us posting

This website you are reading, HALOS HEAVEN, begins its ninth year of covering Angels baseball from the fan perspective.

I started blogging about the Angels while they were the reigning world champions on a LiveJournal blog called Halofan. I joined SBN in March of 2005 and this site - the twelfth SBN site in existence - premiered on this day MARCH 22 in 2005.

FIRST. BIGGEST. BEST. There is no Angels website currently in operation that can link to their posts from spring training 2005 except the one you are reading now. Here is THE FIRST POST announcing the move to SBN.

Thanks to all of you for enjoying yourselves here, pointing out the occasional typo and meeting us in Vegas for our annual All Star Break Debaucheryfests. It has been a long, strange trip and with the greatest comment-posting software and FanPost tools on earth in the new SBN-United platform, we have just hit cruising speed. You are now free to fly above all fans on earth as you follow Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Erick Aybar (you thought I was gonna say Hambone, now didn't you? DIDN'T YA'?) and the Angels!

Do you remember your eighth birthday?