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Vernon Wells Traded to Yankees For Who The Heck Cares

If all the Angels get from the Yankees is the return of the Derek Jeter oil painting that Dennis Kuhl gave the Yankees SS in 2010, hey, who cares, there are $42 Million Picassos that are not destroying the Angels lineup

ADIOS ! ! ! !
ADIOS ! ! ! !

The Angels traded Vernon Wells to the Yankees today. Halos GM Jerry Dipoto is legend.

The news was broken Fanshot-Style by Birdle here on Halos Heaven as our eighth birthday celebration weekend found a new high of highs - the most un-tradeable contract in baseball, residue of the worst trade of the past forty years, has been traded to a club that has been trimming payroll in dreams of avoiding a perpetual luxury tax.

Well the Yanks just got the baseball equivalent of a Luis Vuitton purse that doesn't unzip - all pricetag, no function.

Early reports were that Vernon was excited to be headed to the Bronx and eagerly voided his no-trade clause.

As I type this, the outfielder's locker is being cleaned out in Tempe, Arizona while his teammates take on the San Francisco Giants.

This doesn't seem possible... Vernon Wells is one of the worst players in baseball and is owed $42 Million over the next two seasons.

Mike DiGiovanna, who covers the Angels for a Chicago Tribune rag in SoCal that has a paywall called the Times, reports Wells as saying "I have some good friends in there, great teammates. Goodbyes are never easy." So we can call this a done deal.