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Fantasy Baseball Do's And Dont's for Angels Fans

Let's face it... everyone thinks they are an expert when it comes to Fantasy Sports... and yet only one team wins each league. Read this if you want to be "That Guy".


It is almost time to draft your Fantasy Team... going into it here are some DO's and DON'T's for Angels fans...

DO pick Mike Trout if he is available. He will be a league leader in almost every category - power and speed, and if your league has "Outfield Assists" he will be there for you too.

DO pick Chris Iannetta if you don't have a Catcher by the 7th round. He is no Buster Posey (who the Angels actually drafted but got turned down because it was the 50th round and everyone knew he wanted much dinero) but we know Mike Scioscia will be playing him a lot and that this lineup will be eating away at starting pitchers and feasting on weakened bullpens. Iannetta is a prime candidate to sneak up on 20 HR, something that league winners get from their catchers.

DO take Albert Pujols in the second round. He had a 141 OPS+ last season - a down season. Do you know what Vladimir Guerrero's OPS+ was for his entire Angels career? Yep, 141. Would you have taken Vlad in the second round in his prime. Yes, you would have. Take Albert.

DO take Erick Aybar by the 8th round. Do you think it was just a coincidence that Torii Hunter had the greatest four months of his career when he was put into the #2 slot between Mike Trout and Albert Pujols? Aybar will be batting there and will be scoring a lot of runs this year. He could even put up career best numbers.


DON'T take Josh Hamilton - Let's hope for the best from Josh but some sucker in your league will take before the end of the second round - there is much better merchandise out there. If he is there in the fourth and you need ribbys, okay, go for it, but the sucker will strike before then, mark my word.

DON'T take any Angels pitcher whose last name doesn't start with the letter W. And remember that we traded Jordan Walden.

DON'T feel guilty drafting (former Angels prospect) Tyler Skaggs in the eighth round or later. Sticking it to Tony Reagins is a good thing.

DON'T get sentimental for Dan Haren, Torii Hunter or even Maicer Izturis. What's done is done and there are far better players out there for your roster.

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