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Pregame Picks 2013 Introduction

How to play the Pregame Picks? Rookie or Veteran take a quick look before we begin the games

It's time... the Pregame Picks are coming...
It's time... the Pregame Picks are coming...

Hey everyone, hope everyone has had a nice off-season.

With the start of the 2013 season just days away, it's time to blow off the dust on the rule books of how we do Pregame Picks here. If you're new, definitely take a look. If you're a veteran... take a look anyway. What's the harm?

Wait. tl;dr this for me...

Fine don't read this wonderfully crafted article. You can read this Haiku and be done with it.

Questions before game.
Guess each day until Fall comes.
Most points gets brag rights

OK... Now you can explain. what is it?

Pregame Picks is our daily pregame festivities here at Halos Heaven. Before each game I will set up a post with a set of questions about what will happen in the game. For example, I could ask you to guess the Runs and Hits of each team. Or I could ask you to play blackjack with "cards" based on certain events.

Enter your responses in the Google Docs form provided in the post and then post in the comments.

The cutoff is whenever the first pitch is thrown for that game. So, if the game is delayed the cutoff time will be delayed as well. If a game is postponed, it will be taken care of on a game-by-game basis.

Sounds fun... but why the Google Docs AND in the Comments?

Well, the main reason is I want to make sure that YOU are actually the one putting your guess into the form. By putting an entry in the Docs AND commenting on Halos Heaven it at least gives me enough info to say "alright. scottnak made that pick".

Keep in mind this is a MUST. If you don't do both you will NOT get credit for the day.

If your score is highlighted in red, that means you did not post in the comments. (And you got no credit)
If you don't see your entry, that means you never put it in the docs. (And of course, you got no credit)
If your comment entry differs from your Google docs entry, your Google docs entry is the one that is used.

I will provide a link to verify your entry in the Google docs once you have submitted, so there's no excuse!
Keep in mind that Google docs take at most 5 minutes to refresh. You can wait 5 minutes right?

OK. I got it. What happens when the game's over?

The results will be posted shortly after the game completes (Of course, I do have a (work)-life so there may be days it will take longer).

These points are tallied up, with a 'results' post going up every Saturday to see how things have gone for the week and the overall standings. Play every day to keep your score up and aim to be the champion of Pregame Picks.

Of course, keep in mind... no one cares about your Pregame points, so cheering about scoring some points in a game thread at your own risk.

Awesome... anything else I should know?

You are free to 'fix' your picks by resubmitting on the Google docs, as long as it's before the cut-off. Your last entry will be the one that is taken.

Make sure you spell your username correctly. Verification is done by a program, so if your name isn't typed in exactly, it won't match!

Ambiguity in the questions should be asked as soon as possible. I will do my best to check on the thread before going to bed & before starting work, but no promises. If you don't hear from me within reasonable time, please email me at google (same username). In the end, my interpretation of the question will be the final word.

"Final Results" are the values found on the MLB Box scores. The answers are whatever these values are when I start tallying the correct answers. Changes made by MLB after tallying the scores will not be considered.

Finally, and most importantly You are always responsible for making sure your scores are correct. While I strive to be as accurate as possible, I am human. And the program used to tally is made by said human. There are bound to be mistakes. Be vigilant in keeping track of how you do, and if you notice something wrong, please tell me. Either in a post or by email (again, at gmail with same username). I wont be angry, in fact... I'll be quite thankful.

And most importantly. Have fun. That's the main reason we're doing this. Don't forget that.
We're already having fun (at least I hope so) watching the Angels play, this is just the cherry on top.
Here's to an awesome 2013.

We'll do a test run for tomorrow's spring training game. The post will be up soon.