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Game 001: Opening Day Pregame Picks

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Game 001 - 1:10PM @ Reds


It's finally here! Opening Day! Rejoice! And trust me, it's not an April Fool.

The Angels open up the 2013 season with some interleague play. Here we go!

Projected Starters:
Angels (Jered Weaver) @ Reds (Johnny Cueto) - 1:10PM

Pregame Picks:
Angels Blackjack. The premise is simple, get as close to 21 without going over.
Everyone starts out with Angels Hits. It's your job to select as many additional "cards" to hit that 21 target.

Getting 21 nets you 4 points. 19-20 earns 2 points, while 17-18 gives you 1. Otherwise you're out of luck.

You can pick as many cards as you want. There's no limit. But just like real blackjack, hitting too much is probably not a good strategy. Especially if you're going in blind...

I select A1, C2, D2 as my cards. My total will be:
(Everyone starts with this) Angels Hits + (A1) Angels Runs + (C2) Opponent Full IP + [D] Opponent Pitchers Used