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LA Angels Joe Blanton Lit Up for 6 Earned Runs in Oakland Sized Rout

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Lifeless Angels mediocre to terrible on all fronts tonight; as slump reaches new realm of awful in Anaheim.

There was a lot of this occurring tonight.
There was a lot of this occurring tonight.
Stephen Dunn

Final Score: Oakland A's 11, Los Angeles Angels 5

Winning Pitcher: Tommy Milone (2-0, 4.50 ERA). Losing Pitcher: Joe Blanton (0-2, 9.00 ERA).

I'm not sure if it's really easy or really hard to write about games like these. (Requisite statement about it still being relatively early in the season.) The Angels definitely had their opportunities in this game and even came within a run of tying it after a 2-out Howie Kendrick single in the bottom of the fifth inning off a shaky Tommy Milone, who scattered seven hits and three walks over five innings.

Unfortunately, that would be the last gasp of a top heavy Angels team that is quickly finding itself at the wrong end of the bell curve and on the wrong side of the hapless newcomer Houston Astros. With this loss the Angels are now in sole possession of last place in the AL West. Some of our worst fears are coming to fruition regarding a team that wasn't supposed to have a start as bad as its April 2012 campaign. The plucky A's and their $60 million payroll put this game out of reach in the top of the 6th with a 5-run offensive breakout on the necks of a very ineffective outing by both Mark Lowe and Dane De la Rosa.

Since Jered Weaver's injury the Angels bullpen has pitched seven innings and given up ten runs. Their hitters were 2-16 with RISP after opening this game with a .119 BA with RISP.

The Los Angeles Angels now have the 2nd worst record in baseball, second only to the 1-8 Marlins. They've lost their third series in a row. They aren't pitching well and they aren't hitting well. They are in last place in the AL West. Currently they are in the midst of a team meeting only eight games into the season. Maybe something will spark after tonight's embarrassing display of baseball ineptitude. They literally can't be any worse than this, and damn it, sometimes that's enough to be optimistic about given we're only 4.5 games back of the 1st places A's, with lots of baseball left to play.