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Pick the Date Mike Scioscia Gets Fired

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The clock is ticking...

uh... uh... uh...
uh... uh... uh...

On Sunday, May 5, the Angels will play the Orioles in an afternoon contest at Angel Stadium.

I say this is the day a man not named Mike Scioscia manages the team for the first time since 1999.

The following day is an off day and the team travels for a six-game road trip in Houston and Chicago. It is customary for a team to fire a manager while he is at home - although Willie Randolph (like Scioscia an ex-Dodger) was fired as Mets manager midway thru an interleague series on the road here in Anaheim. They were roundly criticized - not for canning the hapless Randolph, but for this breach of etiquette.

Check the SCHEDULE yourself! If we get swept by the Astros this weekend ...oh how the UNDERS are going to thrive!

And so this is your chance to pick:

• Over/Under MAY 5, 2013 - Will Mike Scioscia leave as manager (he might re-sign but he will probably be fired) before or after Cinco De Mayo? (one point)

PICK IT. Name the date he is dismissed. (two points)

NAME HIM. Name the man who manages the first game after the dismissal. (three points)