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Swept at home, Angels are 2-7

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With the season already five and a half percent done, nothing looks good for the Anaheim Nine.


The Angels were swept at home by the Oakland Athletics for the first time since 2001 when they lost the third game of the series 8-1 on Thursday night.

Their 2-7 start is the worst after nine games in Angels history save for their first season, 1961.

The pointless moving of Mike Trout to the #2 spot in the lineup did exactly nothing to help the Angels offense and the team dropped their third straight home game to the A's. The American League West champions swept the Angels in a humiliating final game, emptying out the stadium prematurely.

In what appeared to be a cosmic curse, leadoff hitter Alberto Callaspo had to come out of the game with tightness in his calf. With Erick Aybar listed as day to day with a bruised heel, look for a DL move to shore up the infield - AAA stalwarts Brendan Harris and Andrew Romine are looking overmatched in a big league lineup.

Angesl starter Jason Vargas was good thru five innings, getting out of multiple jams but keeping the game tied at 1-1. In the sixth inning he gave up a two-run home run followed by a double. Mike Scioscia had him walk the next batter to set up a force out and then brought reliever Kevin Jepsen to keep the A's lead at just 3-1.

While Scioscia had not much option-wise, Jepsen made the skipper's decision look as terrible as possible by serving up a two-run home run.

No Angels starter has thrown a pitch beyond the sixth inning this season and the gassed bullpen seems to have put Scioscia in the process of channeling Jimi Hendrix channeling Bob Dylan: There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.

There is no one sore point enough to single out the pen. The bats are dormant when they are not flat out undisciplined, the defense is porous and the energy on the field is flat. The next closed door meeting looms.