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Callaspo & Aybar Aches May Force Angels Move

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The opening day infielders are all tweaked and the cupboard is bare.

Jeff Gross

When Alberto Callaspo came out of the game late Thursday night with a sore calf, it shed light on how thin the Angels are at the major league level. Brendan Harris took over at 3B. Andrew Romine stood at SS in place of the injured Erick Aybar. In the dugout, Aybar missed his second consecutive game since leaving Tuesday's contest with a bruised heel.

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Manager Mike Scioscia's method with sore tweaks has been to bench a player instead of placing him on the disabled list, hoping for a week of healing instead of two weeks and a roster move. But with Callaspo and Aybar both listed as day to day, a move might have to be made as soon as!

Down at AAA Salt Lake (or considering the Angels poor play, perhaps "UP at Salt Lake") the Angels have Luis Jimenez at 3B batting .367 in 30 AB with a .991 OPS. Middle infielder Luis Rodriguez is hitting .300 with a .900 OPS in 30 AB. They each have a .567 slugging% and 17 total bases apiece. Both need more seasoning but each was on the spring training bubble with the club until the last game of March.

Recalling either of them would probably mean a move regarding Harris or Romine, though. Disabling Callaspo and Aybar might allow the Angels to bring up one of those infielders and an extra bullpen arm for the weekend. At Salt Lake David Carpenter has totally lost it with a 13.50 ERA in 3.1 IP, but Michael Kohn and Jeremy Berg have 2.1 IP under the belts apiece without allowing a run, does that qualify? Ryan Brasier is in the mix as well.

The Angels suddenly seem so thin that one might think Jenny Craig is a corporate sponsor!

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